'Scorn' developer says CPUs, not SSDs, are the biggest game-changer for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Scorn (Image credit: Ebb Software)

What you need to know

  • Scorn is a first-person horror game coming to Xbox Series X.
  • Developer Ljubomir Peklar recently discussed next-generation consoles.
  • He said the CPU is the biggest leap this time around.
  • He also said everyone was expecting AAA games at the Inside Xbox show.

In a recent interview (via WCCFTech), developers on next-gen horror title "Scorn" made some comments about the status of next-gen hardware. Ebb Software's Game Director Ljubomir Peklar discussed many aspects of the upcoming first-person horror game as well as what to expect from next-generation consoles.

WCCFtech compiled a list of the important quotes from the interview. You can read a condensed version below.

Everyone is touting the SSD as the next big thing, and yes SSDs will help a lot with loading and moving assets, but the biggest culprit that is creating problems in the current generation is the CPU. That's where the biggest next-gen difference compared to current generation will come from. We didn't want to bring Scorn to current-gen consoles because we want our game to be played at 60 FPS. That would be close to impossible without big sacrifices. Next-gen is about responsiveness, smoothness, and a lot less time-wasting. The problem with these features is that they are not easy to sell in videos or screenshots. Microsoft had some messaging problems. People expected multi-million AAA production games to show off next-gen visuals and, most importantly, gameplay showcases.

Many other developers and analysts have lamented the CPU limitations as well in the past. It appears to be a widely acknowledged problem with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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What do you want to see from next-generation consoles? Better visuals or better frame rates? Or a balanced approach that prioritizes 60 frames per second? Let us know.

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