'That screen is pure sex'

Can't say we disagree. [via Android Central forums]

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  • Which one feels better in the hand though? Exactly.
  • Thats what she said...
  • actually the hd2 feels better in the hand for "ME"...it fits my hands perfectly, the pre on the other hand is small, feels cheap, and top heavy(when its open)
  • Is bigger better or is bigger just bigger? I agree that the HD2 is a sight to behold but is it really practical is it needed to get the job done. Who cares is shore is pretty! Sucks that Sprint won't ever have one switching carriers is not an option for me.
  • @Big D5 - You wouldn't want it....just get the Supersonic when it comes out....andriod > wm 6.5
  • sprint is rumored to be getting the iphone and the evo, which will make them the best ;already have the best network
  • hd2 feels great :) plus cant even feel it in my pocket... love it :)
  • that is the rumour here in france too - iPhone to sprintUSA
  • It is pure sex, until the Sprint EVO comes out!
  • sprint evo looks hot like me
  • News?
  • @Timbo I will never have an Android phone NEVER rite it down 4/11/10 I said never. lol :D Who's hand is in the picture nice bracelets did you forget to bring your man card to the Radio shack jk lol
  • calm down fanboy. big daddy microsoft is making you an iphone already. just gotta be patient. soon you will be xbox gaming and facebookin it to your teeny boppin' hearts desire
  • really nice phone..
    but i'll wait for evo..
    no freakin way I'm buyin another windows phone EVERRR...
    stupidphone7 just adds insult to injury.. maybe grandma will like it
    and no way i'm ever buyin a phone that cant run flash...
  • How can the screen of a dummy be pure sex? If it was the screen on a live unit then maybe, but I saw that dummy yesterday and yawned at it.
  • I am looking forward to buy the Evo. I want the biggest screen. Prior to that small. I do not mind carrying around, But the screen and the keyboard is small.