Screencheat is a shooter that forces you to cheat your way to victory

Screencheat is an upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter for Xbox One that not only encourages looking at your opponent's screen, it demands it. The game is built for two to eight players and features both local and online multiplayer.

Looking at the screens of other players is the only way to play Screencheat. All player characters are invisible, so the only way to know where to find anyone else is to look at their screen. Even when you're playing online, Screencheat still shows you the screens of other players. The game features a number of maps, modes, and weapons, along with AI bots, along with the ability to create your own game modes.

Screencheat will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 1 for $14.99.

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Joseph Keller
  • Fun game, also available on PC right now.
  • I see seems kinda cool idea
  • I...
    Get it...
    Why would they do this? Framerate?
    How do you look at others screens if you're online?
    Seems like an odd gimmick, probably born of technical issues
  • It's actually a pretty fun and challenging game, the graphics aren't to site home about so the framerate is very good, also multiplayer is split screen, so you can see everything. The important thing is that you should try it and not be so sceptical about it.
  • Why would they build an entire game around a technical issue?
  • Just read the article and you'll get it. Good luck with the English comprehension challenge ahead.
  • This is an interesting idea, I commend them for making it. Idk if I'll be picking it up right away, but I'll check it out regardless.
  • Spammers unite!
  • If you've never played this you're missing out. It definitely works best with people in the same room though. It makes a great party game.
  • Wait, is that loading ready run in the picture? I thought I was the only one else who watches them lol