for Windows Phone 8

In what is probably the biggest non-secret of the night, has officially launched…their public beta for Windows Phone. Sure it’s not the app-app for the public to go use and manage their finances with, but it’s a sure sign that it’s coming soon. And even though people are required to sign an NDA to enter the beta, some of you folks are so darn excited you’re sending in screenshots.

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot to the app. In the images below you can sections for your accounts, budgets, transactions, location info and even push notifications. There’s even a swanky pass-code lock to keep people from prying into your biz, should you leave your phone unattended. for Windows Phone 8

A few of you seem highly impressed with the app, noting that it seems fast and your accounts all seem to be syncing up well enough. for Windows Phone 8 is a fairly popular financial management service. It was announced as coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 back in June. Expected at the "end of the year", it looks like the team is keeping to their word as they will squeak it out in a few weeks. Our bet? This won’t be a long beta. This seems to be more or less some final testing before general release. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Tim, for the screenshots