Screenshots of official app for Windows Phone revealed

In what is probably the biggest non-secret of the night, has officially launched…their public beta for Windows Phone. Sure it’s not the app-app for the public to go use and manage their finances with, but it’s a sure sign that it’s coming soon. And even though people are required to sign an NDA to enter the beta, some of you folks are so darn excited you’re sending in screenshots.

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot to the app. In the images below you can sections for your accounts, budgets, transactions, location info and even push notifications. There’s even a swanky pass-code lock to keep people from prying into your biz, should you leave your phone unattended.

A few of you seem highly impressed with the app, noting that it seems fast and your accounts all seem to be syncing up well enough. is a fairly popular financial management service. It was announced as coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 back in June. Expected at the "end of the year", it looks like the team is keeping to their word as they will squeak it out in a few weeks. Our bet? This won’t be a long beta. This seems to be more or less some final testing before general release. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Tim, for the screenshots

Daniel Rubino

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  • I assume that WPC didn't agree to an NDA. :)
  • We're not in the beta, so we don't count ;)
  • Noice. #notypo
  • Wish there were some accounts to view though. It's the data analysis that makes mint so powerful. The empty screens leave me longing NDA or no.
  • WPC app got updated...
  • So did FitBit Tracker.
    I don't know how any company these days practically expects NDAs to function.
    Too much social currency being handed out to others who, half the time, only want to be the first and not actually improve a service.
  • Only one Mint is real Mint xD
  • Tic-Tac
  • Help if stats I would Austin Fisher the developer seems real cool we need more epic developer like him and Rudy Hyun to get support in the community the app is better then that instafollow port...
  • Will this only work in the US, or will the UK be supported?
  • Not sure if it supports UK but it has Canadian support, and immediately brought up every major Canadian bank and a few none major ones.
  • Mind is also testing Windows 8 App as well. I have it on my W8.1
  • Wouldn't that be private beta? Public beta usually has no NDA.
  • I got on the windows 8 one. Not phone :'(
  • Check your junk folder. My W8.1 came in but the WinPhone went to the trash.
  • Damn thanks for heads up, both of my beta invites were in spam!
  • I'm in beta but haven't gotten the app to download yet. Waiting for a 'spot'. A long time coming so I hope its decent.
  • same here
  • Me too. I hope it comes soon.
  • I got the invitation for the Win 8, but not the WP app. Unfortunatley, Mint's Dropbox account can't handle the traffic " Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! "  
  • Hopefully it's not because someone has ignored the NDA and shared the link.
  • How about a mobile Quicken for WP since Intuit now owns Mint. A simple checkbook manager that syncs with desktop Quicken would be nice.
  • ^This. I've been wanting this ever since I moved away from my Palm PDA. Really loved the Pocket Quicken app for that.
  • I like the pepper version.
    Anyway thanks for the knowledge
  • it...kill it! you're welcome :)
  • Where's my special email...(cries in a corner).
  • ETA?
  • per msdn beta can last as long as 90 days
  • Mint is an awesome service, I really hope the app is released soon. The beauty behind Mint is it's support behind the app--tons of banks/loans/credit cards are supported. I have corporate cards, student loans, and my mortgage all loaded on there, and the summaries they produce every week/month really help you keep track of what you're spending.   Pageonce/check is a pretty similar app, same concept, but it just has a little less support (e.g. can't get my mortgage or student loans), and I find their summaries are a little weaker. I've been waiting for Mint ever since I switched to my Lumia 1020.
  • I have the beta app on my phone, its fairly nice. I have commerce bank (midwest) which doesn't have a WP8 application so mint is a life saver. Dang check left us in the dark.
  • Got this from mint technical support
    Thanks for contacting Mint. We're pleased to announce that it’s official, Mint will be available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 later this year, just in time for the holidays! I understand that you wanted to test our app for Windows 8 beta. However, we haven't made a release for Beta, and currently don't know if we will have a Beta mode for Windows app. No worries, once we get some updates, we'll make sure to keep you posted. Our sincere apologies for the meantime. Best,
    Lorraine C.
    Technical Support