ScrollMotion Inc releasing more than 10 apps in one day

Microsoft recently restricted the amount of apps developers can submit to the Marketplace to 10 per-day. This was in response to a continued injection of spam, some apps being completely useless. As one can see in the above video, captured by SolidSnakeSK, ScrollMotion Inc. has been able to submit more than 10 apps (or books in this case) to the Marketplace, which were approved. While this isn't spam as such, it does prove to be an issue with scrolling through "new" apps etc. and one can only assume that certain developers can bypass the restrictions depending on what they're submitting. 

It would make sense for one app to be used as a gateway (or digital book shelf) where books can be purchased and stored inside the app itself. Having books published separately will clog up the listings, but will increase total Marketplace numbers of course.

Source: YouTube, thanks Snake for the video!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I rarely even search on the marketplace anymore unless I'm looking for something specific. Other than that I always end up finding out about the best apps from you guys and just go to the direct download link.
  • Same here.
  • This isn't the first time I've seen this.
  • Thanks to WPCentral's app reviews and AppFlow (and its counterparts), I directly go to the app I'm interested in without getting overwhelmed in the Marketplace.
  • I recently submitted a new app to Marketplace - but by mistake submitted an early beta debug build, which always crashed on most screens and had placeholder Visual Studio graphics.
    Guess what? It got approved.
  • The Marketplace Miner app isn't too bad of an antidote to this problem. You can ignore all apps by selected developers, and it weeds them out of the list of new apps.
  • Would MS be so superficial about app count that they would just leave these, and any others that want to try to do something similar, they way they are?
    I think Microsoft should completely re-do the Marketplace structure and add more sub-categories.
    The lower numbers compared to iOS and Android should be a SELLING POINT in my opinion. "We know you want the largest app market, but when you consider what's really there. . . . [examples of the double free/paid versions, renamed, and repulished apps] Do you really want all of them?"  
    There you go MS, take it. Free of Charge.
  • > The lower numbers compared to iOS and Android should be a SELLING POINT in my opinion
    Unfortunately, number of apps in Marketplace is precisely one of the top reasons people give for not moving to Windows Phone. "Yeah, but App Market Store has hundreds of thousands of apps..." I explain about better quality apps, but they don't care. They want to see big numbers. A shame, but that's how it is. At least the numbers are still climbing in Marketplace.
  • Books should have been in a separated category...they are not "apps".
  • Exactly.  Book apps are spam.  And way overpriced, too.  Instead, get Freda.
  • I really wonder if Microsoft isn't turning a blind eye to the spam apps on Marketplace just to bolster their numbers. For example, there are 4 "Top Gear" apps, all with the exact same name and using the trademarked logo of the BBC series, but not one is an actual official app. I think the marketplace really needs to be heavily policed if Windows Phone 7 is going to differentiate itself from Android and iOS ! (I'm not talking moral policing, there ought to be a default family friendly mode and an age restricted section.)
    A prime example of this padding is the inclusion of 'international' apps, which really means a bunch of chinese spam in the english marketplace. There's NO reason for those apps to be there ! There's enough bogus/fake apps without including ones that can't even be identified.
  • i don't doubt many of the Chinese apps are spam. But unless you read Chinese or have a friend who does, how can you tell whether they are spam from the name alone? Though I prefer to see mostly English, I don't mind seeing other languages sprinkled in as well. Just downloaded a non-English app the other day and enjoying it, even though it takes work translating a few words.
  • Windows Marketplace doesn't support in-app purchases.  So building a single book reading app, isn't possible if you want to use marketplace to collect payments.  Currently the only way to publish books and get paid for each through the marketplace, is to publish each seperately.   Remember the iOS App store had this same limitation initially.  Now, they expressly prohibit in-app purchases outside the app store.
    Just because there is a 10 app submission limit per day, doesn't mean they are approved in the same batch.  The vendor might have been submitting and getting approved (without auto-submission to the marketplace selected) for a while.  Once all their books are approved (and hidden), they can go in and set all of them publish viewable at once.  This would give the illusion of a mass-submission/approval, but really was not.
  • Amazon's Kindle app doesn't seem to have a problem with doing just that.  While Microsoft doesn't have any official in-app purchasing support, there's nothing that says you can't roll your own.  And Microsoft doesn't have the onerous restrictions on ebook purchases that Apple has put in place.
    Single-ebook apps are spam and should be treated as such.
  • Not everyday as I originally did, but I still have the habit of searching the "New" second on Marketplace a few times a week, and still find a gem every now and then. Of my nearly 200 active apps/games, I found about 150 on my own, searching this way.
    Today, when I got down to these submissions, after a few thumb swipes I decided to give up and do something else. My apologies to the developers who were unfortunate to release a new app just before this long this was added.