Sea of Thieves gets permanent skeleton ships, improved barrels, and more with latest update

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves (Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves is an exploration-based pirate game which launched on March 20, 2018. Rare is known for many famous franchises including Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and GoldenEye. However, in recent years, the team focused on developing Kinect games for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Today, Executive Producer Joe Neate detailed some of the changes coming to Sea of Thieves with today's patch. The more prominent additions have to be permanent "Skeleton Ships" and "Cursed Cannonballs". You can read about all the major additions below.

  • Skeleton Ships can now be found in the world. If you see a cloud that looks like a ship, expect to partake in some deadly battles with an undead crew. Just like Skeleton Forts, other players may join you or hinder your progress.
  • Barrels have multiple types of items inside them now.
  • The "Cursed Crews" event adds Cursed Cannonballs which are extremely powerful.
  • The "Reaper's Mark" shows you on the map and marks you a target.
  • Chances of finding crates and their payouts have been increased.
  • The controller sensitivity has been doubled to make it easier for some players.

It's great to see Sea of Thieves get aggressive post-launch support from Rare. What started off as a barebones adventure has now become an expansive open world pirate game. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the experience.

You can either buy Sea of Thieves for $59.99 through retailers like Amazon, or play it for free if you subscribe to the $9.99-a-month Xbox Game Pass service for Xbox One.

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  • Love that this game keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work!
  • This is the problem with release unfinished games. Putting things in the game that should have been there from the start (meaning actually having content) six months after release means massive missed opportunity. All those luke warm reviews could have been more... warmy if they'd just waited six months to release the game. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • great input armchair dev. when is your game coming out again?
  • Lol
  • Lol nice one
  • This is arguably the worst argument anyone can ever make. If you order a meal from a restaurant and it is stone cold in the middle, you are going to return that meal, you aren't going to sit there and eat it because "well I don't own a restaurant so I can't complain about their service". It is completely broken logic. But apparently every man and his dog uses it as an excuse to admonish any legitimate concern towards gaming companies. I'm putting it out there right now, it's comments like yours that are why every ******* game comes out now with a day one patch and yet is still littered with bugs, because people just lap it up because heaven forbid they actually consider that maybe these people aren't Gods and they could actually make a mistake every once in a while.
  • Tbh I SoT is one of them games that was always going to expand a little like the online games like Wow or WoT. Plus for me I'm happy with the updates it's getting plus it's in game pass no need to buy it so to speak.
  • Even without deep progression, combat needs to be improved greatly to peak my interest again.
  • I'm loving the additions to this game, I'm just annoyed that some things come, and then go.