Second wave of Microsoft's planned 18,000 job cuts may hit Thursday

A new report claims Microsoft will launch a second wave of job cuts on Thursday as part of the company's previously announced plans to cut 18,000 positions from now until the end of June 2015.

The report comes from the very reliable ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, via her unnamed sources. She states that this week's layoffs will hit nearly every part of the company but exactly how many employees will be affected is not known.


Microsoft first announced its plans to cut 18,000 of its workers in July, and at that time the company laid off 13,000 team members. Microsoft said "the vast majority of employees whose jobs will be eliminated will be notified over the next six months." About 12,500 of those 18,000 positions will be employees that Microsoft brought in back in April when it acquired Nokia's Devices and Services division.

What do you think of Microsoft's decision to cut its 18,000 workers in a series of waves?


John Callaham
  • John's questions at the end always make me laugh. "What do you think of layoffs?" Why, John, I think they're downright fantastic. /s
  • That is an awesome comment! You gotta let us know if you're performing ever in your life, I will go there... =P
  • LOL!
  • If Joe is absorbed by goog, MS future would be bright and no layoffs would be required.
  • All (or most of) his articles end with "what do you think of....."  Kinda annoying IMO.  YMMV.
  • Hahaha, I've almost said this so many times! Now THAT is fantastic!
  • I can't stop laughing at 'downright'.
  • Nice. It's about time someone said how ridiculous that looks under every article. Sadly, this became an industry standard.
  • Haha hate these final questions.
  • Actually his question is "What do you think of Microsoft's decision to cut its 18,000 workers in a series of waves" emphasis on "In series of Waves". In which I think is stupid and bad for morale. If youre going to cut 18k workers do it all at once and the people that is left and at the very least breath a sigh of relief instead of the entire company feeling "Am I next" for 6 months.
  • Agreed
  • Lmao
  • LMAO! 
  • It sucks for those who get laid off but if the cuts are done int he right places and for the right reasons, it should be good for the company.
  • ya sucks for everyone because those jobs are going to be outsourced to India (hurting US economy), because companies believe a $4 an hour person who has no cultural idea what Americans want and will make communication for North American MS employees lifes more difficult and bring productivity down as a whole for MS. HURRAY! 
  • That was an ignorant rant
  • Maybe not ignorant - as in lacking knowledge. Maybe he has intimate knowledge and has been affected by a similar layoff.
  • But he's assuming these jobs are going to India. We know Nokia was bloated and had too many people in the first place. Now with being acquired by another company, there is bound to be overlap in job positions as well. Just because you've been laid off doesn't mean you have insider knowledge of what is happening in every layoff situation.
  • Indeed
  • 1. It wouldn't suck for those in India get a job. 2. You don't know what is being cut and IF India (or other outsourcing) could handle the work. 3. You don't know the reason for the cuts.  In a large corporation often there is more than one group doing similar projects.  It isn't intentional, but it is not unheard of for 2-4 groups having similar projects.  At some point, someone needs to trim that fat. 4. You are not seeing the positives from this.  The negatives are very easy to see...someone looses their feel for them.  However often from those cuts comes expansion and renewed focus.  People work harder, project ambiguity is addressed, new projects are created and openings are posted. If it looks as though i'm replying from experience, I am.  It's never fun, but good things CAN come from it.
  • This is true. When you look at it from a personal level, "spring cleaning" allows you to gather things you may have held onto for to long or have already replaced with something more powerful or more efficient, and repurpose them elsewhere (garage sale). Doing so allows you to get rid of the clutter and maintain your household to a higher standard. I don't mean to compare living, breathing people to simple household items or appliances. I am trying to make a comparison between one person and a large company like Microsoft and their respective assets. I'm not completely insensitive.
  • I'm afraid.. Joe Belfiore... are you in the list?
  • Hopefully the whole WP team is.
  • ACTUALLY, the whole phone team took over most of the Windows work, so... =[
  • I disagree in that at least Joe is accountable and engaged on Twitter. Try getting a reply or openness like that from anyone at Apple or Google's Android team.
  • yea... Microsoft bought Nokia just to cut all the WP team in the future! -.-
  • Nah Joe is too important. I believe only the bottom(not sure what to call them) employees will be affected.
  • Chud? Or foundation.
  • You can call them resources or assets.
  • One thing is guaranteed... Nobody is too important.
  • It absolutely sucks! No two ways about it, John! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • On top of just being a horrible situation, it is even worse coming right after MS throws out 2.5Billion to get Minecraft.
  • Msft is getting... Shady.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Shady how? Reorganisations happen all the time. This no different and was to be expected after they took over Nokia's phone division
  • Just too many layoffs. Im not liking it. -this is not an argument. This is how i feel about the situation. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Wait... Are you saying how you feel about the situation is to post via the Android version of WP Central app?
  • Lol no no. That's just the dumb signature. Everything I said before is how I feel. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • annnnndddd technically, with the layoff of 18,000, they are getting...wait for it....wait for it - Slim.... ;)   *boom...its the New Millenium all over again*
  • >_> lol Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • The layoffs might also increase company profits but 18000 is alot of staff. Maybe they are looking to hire new more talented staff in the near future.
  • A friend of mine just started there last week.
  • I got bad news for your friend.
  • Oh God, is it herpes?
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  • Maybe we get better Xbox music app after layoffs..
  • You wish...
  • And they gonna well mixradio.. Can you believe it?
  • They what?
  • He accidentally the mixradio.
  • I suppose there's still work that needs to be wrapped up before they just dump the staff, plus they need time to sort their life so its not a complete loss for them. Idk, I would try to apply for another position if that was possible... =[
  • Layoffs are cruel... But what has to be done has to be done.
  • "what has to be done has to be done"
    16/9/2014 8:53:55
    Torcher ;)
  • it must be a slow day, what exactly does this have to do with Windows Phones?
  • You're joking, right? Microsoft makes your damn Windows Phone. People getting let go will almost certainly affect the OS and whatever hardware is in the pipeline. Oh, I'm sorry. Because you're not the one getting laid off, it's not important.
  • If you haven't noticed spcentral is more than just Windows phones. Don't like it? Don't read it!
  • I'm going to have to Require that you two remain quiet. If this was going to affect the Windows Phone then they wouldn't do it. I don't want anyone to lose a job, I'm an econ champion. We need people getting busy
  • "What do you think of Microsoft's decision about the 18,000 layoffs..?"
    Really? Excellent, great thing!
  • Will Joe belfiore be one of them?
  • Why Joe Belfiore? Why not single out Tim Bradshaw from Marketing? Shouldn't he shoulder some of the blame? And Tina Wilcox in Operations... Don't even get me started. I asked for the TPS report two days ago!
  • I got it wpn0b....thank you for that!!
  • Yup Joe is the best !
  • Corporate Accounts Payable Tina speaking... JUST a moment...
  • More hatred to Microsoft....
  • Maybe WP improves if they get new staff with good ideas and technologies for WP devices , hope so
  • That's really bad... I feel pity for these people :(
  • John is being trolled :-)
  • What exactly were those 18,000 people doing this whole time?  That is a LOT of people.
  • They were mainly factory workers (makes cell phone etc..). I'm never too happy with Mass Layoffs...because I'm pretty sure if they just fired (layoff) a few Executives, (President of this, Vice president of that) layoffs wouldn't be necessary. But the vast majority of layoffs are coming from overseas i.e. China & India so Americans really don't care, do we??!! You can tell I'm not a fan of Executives.
  • I think companies should have no executives period....... Sarcasm
  • It almost appears that Microsoft is in worst shape, or about the same, as BlackBerry. The Software Giant is no more. I wonder what will become of the windows mobile business, if they plan on staying in this business how are they going to do that with 18,000 less employees and still stay relevant in this market?
  • You're kidding, right?
  • He is kidding. No doubt. -_-
  • Seriously this guy for real?
  • Yes because a company that lays off redundant factory workers for an OS that they no longer support or sell and gets rid of some overhead which leads to a 6% domestic decrease in workers and has the 4th largest market cap in the world is OBVIOUSLY the same as a company that laid off 40% of their workforce and has lost 90% of it's value over the past few years. Congratulations, you should take a job at CNET.
  • Seriously? You don't seem to know much about Microsoft. After the layoffs, they will still have over 100,000 employees, plus thousands of contractors. 12K of the 18K were from the Nokia D&S acquisition. Laying off 6000 beyond that is just for streamlining in some areas, refocusing objectives. They will hire more in other areas. MS is nothing like Blackberry - they're still making craploads of money and growing like crazy, and they have numerous areas of business to keep them going if one fails.
  • Think of rim more of a cautionary tale of what not to do hence the preemptive restructuring
  • It's really embarrassing that a software giant like Microsoft can't make a proper music app...
  • Why does it matter in this topic?
  • Because comments are irrelevant
  • Well there will 18,000 additional iPhone and Android ambassadors, and 18,000 WP haters.
  • 12000 *
  • It makes me sad to see that many people just all of a sudden unemployed. I know it happens all the time when companies get "reorganized" but I hate to see what it does to families and our economy. I just hope all those people can find jobs now.. Sucks!
  • Glad I didn't apply for that Microsoft job 5 months ago.
  • They bought Nokia over a year ago and we knew about these cuts not to long after. If they had positions available 5 months ago, I'm willing to bet you wouldn't be one of the ones fired.
  • Wrong call! :P.
  • Make the worst purchase of the year, then lay off workers. Google bought waze for 1.3 billion Microsoft pays over 2 billion for minecraft developer. Google pays 1.65 billion for YouTube Microsoft pays 8.5 billion for Skype. Microsoft does not make wise business decisions. They do not look at long term effects neither profit. Now all those people have to suffer for their bad business decisions.
  • And who are you to say that? Dude... You, and mostly all of us say only what we see. But you don't think at all. Do you think Microsoft is so stupid to pay for Skype? I mean, you just said, in a way, that the 8.5 billion deal was stupid. Lol.
    There is much much much deeper stuff going on than we know. So I suggest you should speak against something only if you think you know everything about it. Microsoft people are not fools to make such decisions. And what are we? Just wp central members.
  • Funny indiane
  • And the lay off... Its not they the employees are being fired suddenly on the spot. Most of them had it coming, and also, they are being given proper time to find other job or make other arrangements for themselves, before they have to leave.
  • The YouTube/Skype purchases happened at least 7 years apart. That's significant.
  • Dislcaimer:  I was laid-off by MSFT just over one year ago. This happens in business.  It sucks for the people impacted.  I know this personally.  But maybe it helps MSFT focus - and Wall Street loves layoffs so it'll likely drive the stock price up another few bucks. If anything I hope WP gets more employees (not less like Joe being included as joked about here)...maybe they can snatch-up some additional PMs, devs, testers let go by other teams?  One can hope, right?  :) Oh, and for anyone who didn't notice the first line, this is not additional layoffs to what was already announced as part of the Nokia acquisition.  It will suck.  But it's not at all unexpected. 
  • Nicely said. My MS team was laid off just over four years ago (our entire office was closed, actually). I ended up joining another team (and relocating to do it), but it sucked seeing so many of my friends go. It's never easy. I left MS a couple months ago (by choice, moved back home), but I'm hoping like crazy that my friends from my previous team aren't included in this 6000.
  • Sorry but you are going to miss a copy of Minecraft !
  • Haha. That's okay. I've never touched it, don't know if I will, but if I wanted to, I can always get someone to buy me a copy for half price from the MS company store. ;-)
  • Den who will b d employee :/
  • Microsoft will be giving Minecraft game copy as a farewell gift to its employees.
  • Feel sorry for those people... God Speed.
  • They should put the minecraft guys on WP development, then we will finally get regular updates for years to come.    
  • May be they will find better jobs...
  • This was announced months ago, pre the Minecraft purchase, so it's hardly news. The cuts will come from the absorbed Nokia handset division, so pre-acquisition these weren't even MS employees. It's called asset stripping.
  • Still sucks for those who lose their job. People running companies and major corps use to worry about their people. Now it is 100% about their bonuses even it comes at a cost of thousands of jobless people or even the collapse of the company.... As long as they can afford that tenth vacation home in Bora-Bora.
  • Oh I agree, it's a shitty business, I was just clarifying for those who were on the "after spending all that money on a game?!" rant. This was a done deal before the Mojang sale.
  • I hope the team responsible to marketing WP is the first to go.
  • I'm just wondering how many employees Microsoft has currently!
  • Not lies than 100,000
  • How can a company stay in business with more than 100,000 lies?
  • Lol I meant "less"
  • I guess that's not the place to work
  • They'll just keep cutting until its down to satya nadella
  • Man.... i cant stop laughing.
  • Hahahahahaha!!
  • That's a shame for the ex Nokia employees...and WP I fear!
  • Don't understand such a news on WPcentral...
    This is FUD Max
  • Run a huge corporation and ask yourself, what would you do to keep your job and please investors? By the way, does huge corporations need investors?
  • Very sad!!!!
  • But everyone gets a copy of Minecraft when you leave.
  • You have to run the business. Sucks but its better than closing down
  • So Microsoft have 2.5 billions to buy minercraft but they can't afford to pay those workers! If they invest those 2.5 billions on upgrading wp it will be better than buying minercraft!
  • Come on why keep two or three people for the same job when it can be done by one, this will allow faster development. Also the job cuts are mainly from the departments who were involved with nokia asha and android x project..
    Everyone wants Microsoft to make windows phone not a phone running android or Symbian.. Too many cooks spoil the broth :p
  • Yeah those are some good reasons as a ms fan and i use only ms products i hope this will be good for me :P
  • I love people like you, who don't run a big company, and less the size of Microsoft and talk crap YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. please get a big company like Microsoft and then try to be nice and keep paying 18000 workers that can be fired.
  • Thank you _emi_ maybe i have a big company maybe no maybe i got fired from a big company like microsoft for reasons like this and i know what i am talking about you don't know nothing so don't prejudge me
  • Everything moves in cycles. Time for Msft to reshuffle reorganize and rehire.
  • I hope the Skype team is included in this "wave"
  • These have alreay sarted. Story on a different site referenced seveal memers of the MSN team; contractos, vendors, direct MS employess have been let go. Other were notified September 30th wouild be the last day, fourteen days (two weeks) from now. Wish them the best, I actually visit now as its connects to the othr MS services at the top.
  • They can't focus on their jobs as long as this process continues. And this means we can't see good jobs till they become stable.
  • It's ironic how the tech media always piles on how bad MS products are, than turn around and bash MS for eliminating the jobs they helped ruin.
  • Guys Aerize Explorer PRO is the free App Of the day.. So grab it quickly, if you want to :)
    Sorry for commenting here, dnt know where to tell that's y
  • A forum maybe?
  • Bad
  • I don't understand why people get so worked-up and angry about other companies' layoffs. Like it's such a terrible thing for someone to get fired (gasp!). Having a job is a priveledge, not a right.
  • Tell that to the affected families.
    I hope you never have to experience unemployment...
  • I have experienced it this... by experience and my dad had hard time getting a job. so why are you talking if you don't even know about it? my dad has been fired unfairly just because people didn't like him for being a worker not a lazy person and finding weird things in their business. so what? I still understand why these layoffs happens, you know why? because Microsoft shouldn't waste money paying 18000 workers that can be fired. it's not the same as being unfairly fired (which I have experienced as I told you) it's just a mass layoff becuase Microsoft doesn't need many people, in the end, Microsoft bought nokia part of the technology, patents and key people, not because they needed many more workers.     and what do you want this person to tell to the families? it was known before this would happen, and only because Microsoft is big, it doesn't mean, they have to carry people Nokia hired and never fired being in bad economy situation.   it's not like these people will not be able to get a job again. again, you don't even know what is unemployment so you have no idea what you are talking about. because one thing it's being fired for unknown reasons, and other for known reasons.
  • I hope so too, but it's not a one-sided activity. That's why I do everything I can to be a productive and integral asset to my company. And if I did get fired unjustly, that would suck. But I would put on my big-boy pants and find another job. You know, the stuff grown-ups do.
  • Every heard of "right to work" laws?
  • Yes, but what does not being required to be a union member or pay union dues in order to work for a company have to do with anything? Something tells me that you haven't heard about right-to-work laws.
  • I was referring to the Mobile phone market aka Nokia, not Microsoft as a whole. People over in Android Central seem a whole lot more polite then WP Central folks.
  • Ouch.
  • I hope Xbox music devs are in the list
  • So Microsoft is gonna layoff all these people and hire foreign guest works to save money? This was in the news since last week, everybody should check it out.
  • Yup 2.5 billion for sum Minecraft garbage but you need to lay of right.....awesome
  • For those who didn't know, Nokia had plan to fire 10 000 employees even before negotiation with Microsoft started. Have a look on Wikipedia.
  • I know, yet the Finnish government blame MSFT. I guess because it's so few of actual MSFT staff being fired (6000 in total?).
    Still MSFT have a lot of dead wood...
    "Hello, Mr Elop" ;)
  • Instead of drawing it out, why don't MSFT just get it over and stop prolonging the inevitable.
    It's painful for the families of those being fired.
  • Why shame on Microsoft
  • I feel sad that families of those employees will suffer in the upcoming period once the layoff takes place
  • Hopefully this includes the entire XBox Music team, followed by the rehiring of the Zune team.
  • Just cut the person(s) who implemented the NTP time sync feature in windows phone.
  • So let's see... Some of these comments are right in the money.. But others... Well... It's never nice when people get laid off but the "first wave" or even just since the acquisition itself hinted that this was coming, it was/is just a matter of time...MS employees should know this as well... As for outsourcing, BPOs are a global thing from more economically developed countries to less economically developed countries so this should not be a shocker if increased hiring is going on when lay is occur. In the end this all boils down to maximizing profits and minimizing expenses - which sadly involves division and related job cuts. Most of MS BPOs also focus on retail, you know those folks that help you select which color XBOX you want? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but are there many MS BPOs that do remote access to your PC and help you with diagnosing hardware and software/coding issues - they're there but in comparison to retail? Plus, more economically developed countries have a higher cost of living, so for some folks have it hard working for $4 ...(yeah I know, like duh...). It's business, just business, and in reality it sucks on both ends because BPOs get closed and relocated all the time and sometimes that's a lot more lay much of that's in the news? I love gadgets, l love technology, n sad to say sometimes, I love MS. So I sorta love all the honest folks that worked so hard to give me working stuff that I only understand less than half of how they work. Wishing you the best for those gone and to go that ya'll will find something just as good or even better.
  • Being one of them from the Xbox One team I think it downright sucked. But it order to be successful as a company as massive as Microsoft is I can see why they did what the did. Personally it sucked, business wise, smart move. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • RIP all of dem.
  • I want Microsoft to give Gate pass to the developers of Xbox music and video player!!
  • Necessary evil. LOL!
  • Oh No!!!
  • If these cut-offs continue, only the founder and CEO will remain in power at the end of 2015.
  • More what's the reason?
  • I feel for those from the Nokia division, and those with Microsoft who are affected. Not having a job is a terrible feeling but I hope the best for them.
  • I know how it feels... Doing the count down. Ours is happening in December 2015
  • Well,it should help the company if only it's the right decision.
  • What do you think of Microsoft's decision to cut its 18,000 workers in a series of waves? - I don't know if the question was right but am not really sure...
  • I really do not like Microsoft buying Nokia and then just letting go all of the people that they bring over. Why could they not just leave the company be?
  • So now at least some of the apps provided by Nokia are working not sure whats in future for it.. just phone models with new no 1021,1022,1023 without any new innovation... not seen any innovation since Nokia 808 aka 1020... Since Damian left nothing new is happening except tweaking the bugs in the software   Hoping Nokia (not MS) starts making mobile again.. otherwise have to live with older Nokia phones. stilling missing availabel in Symbian - USB on the go - HDMI output - good hardware