Episode 1 of 'The Secrets of Minecraft' dives into a few features cut from Minecraft

Minecraft The Secrets Of Minecraft Episode 1
Minecraft The Secrets Of Minecraft Episode 1 (Image credit: Mojang Studios | YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios loves to create unique Minecraft-centric YouTube series for its passionate community.
  • The latest series is 'The Secrets of Minecraft,' and does exactly as the name implies: explores some of Minecraft's secrets.
  • The first episode is now here, and mostly introduces the two series hosts and their humorous relationship with each other.
  • Beyond that, Episode 1 of 'The Secrets of Minecraft' explores some of the features that have been cut or removed from Minecraft.

Minecraft fans had to wait a few weeks to see it, but the previously announced new Minecraft series, "The Secrets of Minecraft," is officially here with Episode 1: The Features That Got Cut. The new YouTube series follows previous efforts from Mojang Studios to connect with the Minecraft community, and combines cheesy jokes and tongue-in-cheek humor with tidbits of interesting Minecraft information and behind-the-scenes details. You can watch Episode 1 of 'The Secrets of Minecraft' below.

Episode 1 of the series spends much of its time introducing the new co-hosts, narrators from previous Minecraft series, and their comedic relationship, but we do actually get to hear about some of the Minecraft features that were cut or removed from the game. Roses, for example, were replaced by red poppies (before eventually rejoining Minecraft as rose bushes), crystallized honey was removed in favor of honeycomb, and the infamous phantom mob massively changed its design before it became the mob we all know and hate.

I look forward to seeing what future installations of this YouTube series offer Minecraft fans, as it could be incredibly interesting. In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of best Minecraft toys and gifts, and keep up to date with the next major Minecraft update with our ultimate guide to the Caves and Cliffs Update.

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