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Best Minecraft toys and gifts 2022

Minecraft Official Key Art
Minecraft Official Key Art (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox games (and best games in general), and has earned its title with years of constant support and a loyal community of dedicated players. Minecraft is more than a video game at this point, and has evolved into a full-blown brand with endless ways for fans to express their love for Minecraft through toys, gifts, books, and more. Being one of the biggest games in the world, Minecraft boasts of an equally large selection of merch. We researched to find the top picks, and have compiled a list of the best Minecraft toys and gifts for any Minecraft fan.

Endless choices

Searching for the perfect Minecraft-themed toy or gift can be a daunting task with so many available options in numerous categories, but we've pulled together some of the best for any Minecraft fan. Whether you're a Minecraft collector, an avid reader, a LEGO or board game fan, or you simply want to show off your love of Minecraft with merch or accessories, there's something here for you. Minecraft Minecoins is a particularly fantastic gift, as Minecraft is, at its core, a video game, and Minecoins lets players unlock entirely new worlds and enable their every creative desire.

Back in the real word, you can't go wrong with Minecraft's official novels or Minecraft LEGO sets, which offer alternative ways to engage with Minecraft's ever-expanding worlds while using your brain. Readers have plenty of high-quality and professionally written Minecraft novels to pour over, while LEGO has a wide collection of Minecraft sets for beginner builders and longtime collectors both.

Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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