Section of Nokia Lumia manuals display all the outside bits and bobs

Don't go plugging your lead into the wrong port now!

While many may write this off as 'common sense', some believe that sense really isn't all that common, especially when it comes to technology. Parts of the manuals that will be accompanying the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have been published by We previously took a look at how the insides look when both Lumias have been taken apart, now we get to see both back in one piece.

As well as showing how to insert the SIM card, connect the device to a power source (when not making use of the wireless charging functionality) and how not to damage your Nokia Windows Phone (Lumia 900 in the pics), we're also able to see both handsets together with a list of features and buttons, informing the viewer where everything is located.

While nothing new is detailed in the images, it's good to see more material come to light as we reach ever closer to the release of both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phones.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Sweet!
  • The device in the getting started instructions look like the Lumia 900: micro usb port on top; and the diagram of the 920 uses the old Windows Phone start button... weird
  • Old Windows logos?
  • Just what I was thinking
  • Has anyone else noticed that the description of the 3.5mm jack is called "nokia A/V connector" on the 920, but called "universal audio connector" on the 820?
    Could this mean that the 920 has a Video out function baked in?
  • Nice catch. It would certainly seem that way...
  • Basically on all Nokia smartphones whether Symbian, Maemo, Meego, or WP, there's a Nokia connectivity cable that allows you to use the headphone jack to connect to anything with an AV input (red/yellow/white). I've had the cable since my N95 and its always worked with Nokia phones.
  • Exactly, I've still got that from the N95 too, and it's worked on all my nokia smartphones since then. But they have never produced VIDEO output when plugged into a WP device. Plus, the different names for the connector on the 920 and the 820 just got me wondering if the 920 may also have a standard video-out option, using this exact cable (or other) like you described.
  • I also noticed the old windows logos, and what's up with the A/V connector?
  • Oh no, I really hope Nokia has strayed away from the circular shaped A/C charger...maybe it's just me, but it's so big that I've found it blocking adjacent outlets due to his shape.
  • Back to the a/v connector. So a 3.5mm tip/ring/ring cable to rca audio/video connectors will display audio and video to anything in stereo? Or is it tip/ring with video and mono? Or did I in left field. Just want to make sure I understand this correctly. I haven't seen this anywhere.
  • Aside from the Power/Lock key being in an odd place (at least to me), I think it's pretty obvious what's what and where everything is. I mean, my mom, who IS tech savvy and works with computers but isn't a cell phone person, would probably be confused, but us smartphone peeps could figure it all out in mere seconds. ;)
  • Most high end Nokia have an AV out, I had one since the N95 days when it came with of the first phone to have TV out from a phone