See who's interested in your Instagram photography with IG Stats on Windows Phone

Much like Twitter, Instagram utilises its own following system where you can stalk others on the social network and other users can return the favour. But what about those who unfollow you? IG Stats for Windows Phone enables you to remain on top of just how many people you're following, along with how many are enjoying what you publish. Think UnfollowSpy, but for Instagram.

Whether you're interested in the above, or simply wish to check what your current follower to following ratio is, IG Stats is a great app to have installed if you're a major fan of the photography focused social network. The app first boots up with the cool loading screen, only then to present you with the option to connect your Instagram account (which is required to continue and make most of the features available).

A splash screen is then displayed with some handy tips to get your started - giving this information a quick gander will set you on your way. Once you're done with checking out exactly what all the elements mean (fear not as you can grab this screen again in the settings area, hit "help"), the dashboard will then be rendered on-screen.

This is an interesting take on the Modern UI in Windows Phone. The number of followers lost and gained are listed among total number of followers and folk you're following. The ratio counter is displayed at the top. You can slide left and right, or hit the icons at the top to load individual sections within the app.

The following and follower pages both have filters to let you see who you're following that don't return the favour and vice versa. While this basic functionality is enough already, there's also the option to utilise Live Tiles and toast notifications to be alerted when you gain or lose followers. IG Stats may display different data to Instagram itself, which is reportedly down to the service having issues (the app is stated to be more accurate).

There are a handful of in-app purchases available:

  • Convenience Pack ($0.99) - removes all popup and banner advertising
  • Feature Pack ($0.99) - Live Tile, notifications, private account support and multi-select users
  • Super Pack ($1.99) - Both of the above packs with 25% off

You can download IG Stats from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Really don't understand this stalking behavior where you need to see who unfollowed you.
  • Me neither, I couldn't care less.
  • Whoever Toni Burriss is, screw you for unfollowing Rich! ;)
  • Hhhhhhh +1
  • Nice app but needs some work still. UI feels a little cheap and its crashing when trying to view friends accounts.
  • I have this app for over 2 months now ...
  • Damn dude you're so cool.
  • First time since Windows Phone 7 experience that an app makes my phone restart!
  • Any risk of Instagram flagging our accounts?
  • It's confusing to use. InstaFollow is better.
  • Just downloaded InstaFollow. I don't think it's better. 
  • Its not as fast to navigate as instafollow! And it sucks when you need to unfollow somebody who unfollowed you cause it loads up page instead of having an follow/unfollow buttons!
  • downloading now only cuz toni chick is HOT
  • I am also working on an app like this. Send me a PM if you want to be in the beta.
  • Instagram's stats are WAY off. Had my number of followers wrong by 50%. This app does an accurate count. Cool.