Swish (www.getswish.se) is a popular Swedish payment system that allows the transfer of money via mobile numbers. Funds are automatically withdrawn and deposited into respective accounts, regardless of the connected bank (as long as they're participating). The service has now launched an official app for Windows Phone, enabling those enrolled with Swish to get cracking on Microsoft's mobile platform.

Fear not if you're not actively using the service already as it's super easy to get started. Simply download the Swish app on your Windows Phone, enroll with Swish on your online banking service (see below for supporting establishments) and download the necessary information to authenticate.

That's all good and dandy, but when should you use Swish? The service is perfect for when you're splitting the bill, purchasing a product from someone or event collecting money for a gift. The banks behind Swish include Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, SEB, Swedbank and Sparbankerna.

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Swish App

The idea is to make sending (or receiving) money as painless as possible with convenient access when not at a PC. Using mobile numbers, you're able to wire funds to a recipient account within a matter of seconds. As an added precaution (just in case), the recipient's name and Mobile BankID will be displayed before the transaction goes ahead.

The app itself is rather simple with an intuitive layout and features you'd expect to see. There's the option to configure exactly how much you'd like to send to someone, as well as a message to boot. The history of payments (both sent and received) are also displayed within the events area of the app. There's also support for toast notifications and more - it's a great initial release.

You can download Swish from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). We strongly urge you to check the official website and / or your bank for more details on the service and how you can enroll.

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