Send to WP7 hits back with Desktop app

Yesterday we covered the updated Browser to WP7, which enabled the ability to send photos to your device via your browse with one-click. Browser to WP7 had not only gained ground, but passed the original Send to WP7 by Dave Amenta in terms of features.

Well, it looks like Amenta wasn't sitting idly but instead was working on a robust and impressive desktop app that includes the ability to send:

  • pictures
  • videos
  • documents
  • music
  • notes

Huzzah...all through this one program and with a simple click. It is integrated via Explorer and basically uploads your file to a free cloud service that then pushes to your phone. You can also write a long email or SMS and send it through your phone as well, making your netbook a great "companion device' (hello Foleo!). Anyways, you can give an early version a shot if you're so inclined. All we know is this sounds fantastic and so far, we're digging it. You?

Source: @davux

Daniel Rubino

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