Send music from your PC to your Windows Phone thru the air with Music Drop

There are lots of apps out there that use the local network trick to facilitate data transfer. You may have your favorite, but there’s always room for another. Music Drop, made by Codeceptive Studios, is a relatively new app that received a necessary bug fix update today. It’s a neat app if only because of its laser-like focus: send music from your PC to your Windows Phone.

Music Drop is simple enough. You launch it and it generates a specific URL, which you then type in your desktop browser (HTML5). From there, a Music Drop page is generated where you can simply drag and drop music off of your computer. Those tunes then get sent to your phone and voila, you have music on your device without a wired file transfer.

Of course, this all presumes that your Windows Phone and desktop device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Is that easier than syncing over USB? I’m not too sure, but it was neat to witness and it worked without a hitch. From that perspective, I like this app. It’s clean, simple and it’s free. The only snag I noticed was album art not being generated, but we can use the indispensable MPAtool to easily fix that oversight.

I imagine if you’re over a friend’s house who had a Mac (it could happen, you never know) and you wanted to help yourself to their MP3 collection, this app would be ideal. Can you think of other situations? Let us know.

Pick up Music Drop for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Thanks, Bjørn J., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Hmm UC Browser has a similar feature, as does Surfy, why get another app for it? Does it save it all automatically to the music library? Honest question.
  • Sometimes having a specific app for one purpose is nice. Yes, it saves it all to the Music Library, just like you synced it.
  • this app is good, although when transfering a big chunk of songs would be slow and the transfer may be abrupt. but i just want to know, where actually does the file go to in the phone?? like if i connect my phone to the PC, where can i find the copied/transferred music files in the file explorer?? under music folder?
  • But does it store on Phone memory or SD card?Cause i am also too lazy to connect the cable.I keep finding new songs and downloading them to pc but feel tired to connect the cable again an again.Moli Player rocks for Wifi Transfers but sadly that stores it in internal Phone memory.
  • Music Drop stores transfered tunes to the location predefined in your phone settings so basically you decide where does it goona pop in.
  • I'm working on a similar app that is already in store. You can download/upload pictures, upload music, remote camera and remote presentation.... from a web browser. Please check this out: HTTP Admin:    
  • is this app use my internet Data  
  • As far as I know, no as it's through your network
  • Yeah cause some people won't use uc browser and have two browser just get that app!
  • You got a problem with choice and options? smh
  • Really ? UC and surfy sync their own downloaded files, how do you sync files from your pc ?
  • They both have a "sync with PC" feature.
  • And how is this new ? I've been using it since 2-3 months i guess.
  • seems cool. I really give up on downloading new music just because I have to wire my phone to the PC to transfer the music. well, this app is perfect!! thank you :D
  • Does it do any compression of the files?
  • No - there's no compression during the upload.
  • No thanks I have Spotify for that :-)
  • If you only listen to pop music or other mainstream genres, Spotify is great. But there are people out there, still downloading music that's not on Spotify yet, or ever will be.
  • I don't know why MS broke the wireless syncing feature from WP7 & Zune
  • In India, we're the big sufferers. We dont have Xbox music, subscriptions costs for all music services is too much by indian standards, and we have super duper slow internet. Our WiFi usually never gives more than 200 KBps speed...
  • True but still we are improving.Btw i transfer files with wifi on Moli Player with speed upto 4-8 mpbs.Get a good router or modem.
  • We do have something called Bluetooth you know...
  • That doesn't work with isheep shining examples of the common sense destruction device
  • I was unable to use Bluetooth for this purpose.
  • Just now transferred music via bluetooth. Although I bet wifi is much faster.
  • Using Windows Explorer?
  • Yes. Right click the file>Send to Bluetooth Device>Windows Phone...etc.
  • Repost
  • I thought so, but wasn't sure.
  • This.
  • I miss Nokia Drop :-/ but this looks good. By the way, if I go to the URL shown in the image and drop music there, would it be synced to your phone Daniel? :P Edit: I get it, I'm not on the same network. So, no...!
  • Listening to Del the Funky Homosapien has officially made you a legend.
  • Isn't this an old story?
  • Windows Phone 7 had this but it was so slow I turned off the wireless syncing.
  • Is there one of these apps that transfers movies
  • Moliplayer does! It works like a charm!
  • Oh wow. Gotta give this a go this weekend.
  • I kinda wish AudioGalaxy would make a WP app...yes, the app gap still very much exists...
  • Nice! I'm gonna try this when I get home. BTW Daniel, I like your style and sense of humor. It's always fun reading your articles.
  • I'm not used to this way of synchronizing. Is it normal that it uploads songs so fast or it makes a new mp3 with worse quality to do it? Great App by the way, It would be nice if it confirms that the music was uploaded with some kind of notification from the app, I know it shows that on the browser though.
  • I checked out myself, It seems to keep the same quality in the phone's file.  Cool :)
  • MoliPlayer Pro does this also. I don't think it syncs to the correct music folder though.
  • Gonna give this a shoot for sure!
  • Does this cause duplicate craziness on an sdcard? I'm so scared to sync any music anymore.....tho since a hard reset I've not had this issue pop up again, with pics either *knocks on wood*
  • I just wish there were a decent Google Music app or better yet, if Xbox Music would allow you to upload 20,000 of your own songs so that you can listen to them anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection, just like Google Music does. It really is the best music service because of that, in my opinion.
  • That is a great feature!
  • Did WPCentral cover this app before or am I having Deja-Vu? I haven't used it myself but I've got it downloaded. Very cool concept.
  • That these apps are still needed makes me sad. My old symbian phones could mount windows shares, but WP can't... come on Microsoft, what is wrong with you? Crossing fingers for WP8.1...
  • Ok, it does work under Linux (Ubuntu Gnome 14.04) which is VERY handy (since wire transfer does not, between Linux and Windows Phone, at least for me). However big issue is that I can't drag and drop whole folders, I have to put .mp3 files directly into browser, kinda counter productive. Are there any other apps which can handle this better?
  • Music Drop Pro will support playlists/folders transfer. It should me on the market somowhere around April 2014.
  • I suppose it will be paid version, right? Just don't go any "ads" route, I hate those (prefer to pay one time) :)
  • I want to be able to store my music on OneDrive! I decided with my Lumia Icon that I wasn't going to put any songs on my phone ,but I was going to stream it from Pandora. I have over 200 gb of storage on OneDrive so that would be nice.
  • I wonder how are the files stored on the phone. I have all my albums in separate folders with their folder.jpg covers in it.
  • As far as the bug fix is concerned, guys from Codeceptive Studios resolved the connectivity issue associated with the two types of network intefaces: IPv4 and IPv6. Basically speaking the newest types of smartphones support it and Music Drop used to go crazy if it had a choice between IPv4 and IPv6. That's why if there were two established and active internet connections from the shared phone and wifi network, the web app could not establish connection with the phone app.  Now it has been fixed ;-)
  • Ive just been thinking about how economical this app really is. Let's put it in to perspective: we will see what method is actually faster and more convenient based on the number of steps it takes. Music Drop:
    1 - Ensure wifi is enabled on phone
    2 - Launch app
    3 - Open Interner browser
    4 - Click address bar / press F6
    5 - Type in the IP address and port
    6 - Open music host window on computer
    7 - Drag and drop files to the browser Generic transfer:
    1 - Plug phone into computer
    2 - Unlock phone screen (may not be required)
    3 - Browse to music host window on computer
    4 - Browse to "Music" folder on phone browser window
    5 - Drag music to phone directly Now lets look at the speed - USB vs wireless N: USB2's real world transfer speed is three times faster than that of wireless N.
    USB3's real world transfer speed is around 11-12 times faster than that of wireless N.
    Source: (Superuser) Of course this is only purely of my own opinion, and I respect people's views to use this free app, however, it is clear that it is faster to use standard methods of drag and drop versus using this specific app. When you consider the size of the music files too, mp3 may be one thing but what if you are transferring lossless files? Copying those at 9MB/s would be painful, especially if it's an entire album comprising of 14 tracks, totalling 500-600MB. 15 seconds versus three minutes plus. Then you throw in existing wireless traffic too, and if youre on a complex setup, routing too. It can all get a bit messy. I can see that the developers of the app have very good intentions and kudos for that, however I regret to say that its providing a somewhat limited, round-about-way solution to something that wasn't even a problem in the first place. :) The only benefit to this app would be if you didn't have a USB cable with you. Even then nearly all recent phones use standard Micro USB anyway so it shouldn't really be an issue. Also, Windows Phone is recognised on iTunes without any issues anyway, so if you wanted to copy such music you can simply set iTunes not to sync automatically for that session and plug in/copy that way. Also remembering though, the majority of iTunes users' music will be DRM'ed anyway, so may not even play in the first place. Those are the only two scenarios I can honestly think of, but it's a whole load of work. Still probably much quicker to just plug in a Micro USB and copy from iTunes or whatever :) Nukey