Sequel to Zune HD game Audiosurf reportedly coming in 2013

Those of you still clinging to your Zune HD may have one more reason to fully embrace Windows Phone, a sequel to Audiosurf is in the works. Last March, developer Dylan Fitterer announced Audiosurf Air as the next version of the popular puzzle and rhythm game. The game is being built upon the Unity engine, which is supported in both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT.

The original game came out for PC in February 2008, a few days after winning the Excellence in Audio Award at the Independent Games Festival. A version for the Zune HD followed up in November 2009, also to great reviews among the Zune community.

Gameplay is rather simple, you take control of a vehicle on a track, and your goal is to collect colored blocks. The levels and pace of the game is dependent upon the music, the music catalog comes from your collection. A game set to your own music. Cool right? Check some gameplay out below:

So there isn’t any official word from the developer on whether or not this game is coming to Windows Phone or even Windows 8 itself (and issues of proper APIs to access music abound). But we’re crossing our fingers that we do see it. We’ve reached out to Dylan and will report back if there are any plans to bring the game here. Looking at his Twitter feed makes it seem an Android version was being looked into, but also no concrete details there.

The game is scheduled for 2013, no firm release date that we can see. But again, we'll get to the bottom of this for you.

Source: Audiosurf Air; via Reddit

Sam Sabri