SG Best also listing Lumia 900 further proving the handset is coming outside U.S.

Singapore's SG Best, an online retailer, is listing the Nokia Lumia 900 as "coming soon", following the Carphone Warehouse posting (which was subsequently removed). This is further confirmation that the 900 will be coming to those who reside outside the U.S., which shouldn't come as a surprise - it makes sense that Nokia will have three Windows Phones to cater for three audiences.

The listing is not by accident neither as the specifications and display image all fit in line with the device. Although no date has been provided (the Carphone Warehouse stated June as the month for availability), SG Best at least reinstates hope of the handset traveling across the world.

Source: SG Best, via: Techin5; thanks Jubbing for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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