Shake it for a screenshot ...

Say you like screen shots. And say you really like to shake your phone. (C'mon, who doesn't?) Now, would you believe the two have been combined? ShakeandSave (CAB file) allows you to now only shake your phone whenever you want -- it'll take a screen shot when you do it. Brilliant!

Extreme-Apps via AllShadow

George Ponder

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  • How hard do you have to shake your phone. I would think just using it would cause a lot of screenshots to be made. I could see this being a bit of a pain.
  • I have been using Shake and Save for a few months now and LOVE it. I use it for doing screenshots for reviews and news posts, as well as when posting to forums. Doesn't take much for the app to detect a shake, but you definitely need to SHAKE it, not just tip it from one side to the other. And as soon as you get a screenshot, it asks if you want to close or not, so there's no concern about having excessive screenshots building up. If you want one screenshot, shake-and-save, then say "Yes" to closing the app! It's strength lies in being able to move through an app to get various screenshots without having to worry about a timer or mapping to a hardware button. Just get to the screen you want to capture, and shake! Want more shots? Just say "No" to closing the app, and grab whatever other screenshots you need! Very ingenious use of the Sensor! Matt Coddington
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