Sharit has just been bumped to version 2.0. The Windows Phone app, which makes it easier to manage and post content to multiple social accounts, has had a bunch of new features and functionality added in the latest release. Not only can you update your status on various networks, but the app also supports image upload, check-in, and more.

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Here's a full list of changes, pulled from the store listing:

  • Add support for image sharing.
  • Add support for Checkin.
  • Add support for image upload.
  • Add the ability to schedule updates to be published later.
  • Add the "Sharit Notebook" functionality.
  • Add support for multiple devices sync.
  • Add link Shortening.
  • Add sharing support for, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Foursquare, Linkedin Companies, and Weibo.
  • English only; all languages will return in a few days after review.


Should you find yourself falling behind and feeling burdened with all your social accounts, give Sharit a go (it's free) and see if it makes your life that little bit easier to manage.

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