Shazam gets bug fixing, and Pimp My Band gets tweaks, prep for next update

Shazam (and its ad-free sibling Shazam Encore) received some a milestone update a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, those updates also broke a few things along the way. Luckily for us, the team behind the app is not giving up as they have pushed out another update to right those wrongs.

Additionally, Pimp My Band, the one-of-kind app that lets you customize the Me Tile on the Microsoft Band also picked up an update today. It adds a few new features and laying the groundwork for a bigger update down the road.

Shazam Windows Phone

Shazam and Shazam Encore

  • Installation on SD card enabled
  • Fix of the issue with missing Shazams after the last App Update
  • Minor bug fixes

Certainly the 'missing Shazams' was a big deal for many, and we did catch quite a few complaints from users that the app was not working. The installation to SD card is also fixed. We have heard from devs in the past that SD card installation can be tricky on Windows Phone, so we do not begrudge them for not getting that on the start.

Pimp My Band

Pimp My Band 1.5

  • Added live preview: you can view your tiles in the app
  • Added dominant color picker: now you can choose different dominant colors
  • Preparing for some magic
  • Bug fixes

The Live Preview refers to the somewhat updated layout, which is a bit more bold and clear for when changing those backgrounds. The 'Preparing for some magic' likely refers to the recent firmware update on the Microsoft Band, which seems to have unlocked more features for the developer behind this app (and its companion, Band Sensor Monitor). We are not too sure of what to expect in the next update, but evidently it should be something cool.

By the way, if you need some wallpapers, our members in our Band forums have been compiling a nice list of ones they have created. Make sure you swing by to pick them up, or, if you have some talent, feel free to share yours in there too! You can find that forum here: Band Wallpapers!

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