Should you buy Microsoft's new Designer Compact Keyboard?

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard White
Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard White (Image credit: Microsoft)

Should you buy Microsoft's new Designer Compact Keyboard?

Best answer: If you need a comfortable and compact keyboard to go with a Surface device, you should buy the Designer Compact Keyboard.Get yours: Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard (opens in new tab) ($70 at Microsoft)Number Pad add-on: Microsoft Number Pad (opens in new tab) ($30 at Microsoft)

Why you should get the keyboard

The Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is perfect for people who have a Surface device and want to use a traditional-style keyboard with it that is easy to travel with and comfortable to type on. With a thickness of just 0.35 inches and a weight of 10.16 oz, it's one of the lightest keyboards out there that you can pair with a Surface. Also, it uses wireless Bluetooth 5.0 instead of a cord to connect, meaning that you don't have to worry about cable management with it. Also, the lack of a number pad makes the keyboard's width smaller, allowing you to fit it into bags and backpacks more easily. If you need the functionality a number pad provides, Microsoft is selling a new one (opens in new tab) that goes excellently with the Designer Compact Keyboard. Finally, Microsoft boasts that the device's battery can last up to three years, so you won't need to worry about running out of power anytime soon.

In terms of the typing experience, the Designer Compact Keyboard is comfortable, accurate, and quick, thanks to the low profile keys. The keys are also spaced optimally for quick typing, so you'll likely see an increase to your words per minute (WPM) while using this keyboard. Additionally, there's also an "expressive input" key that allows you to use emoji, a nice touch. Overall, the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is great, and its compactness makes it one of the best Surface Pro accessories.

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