Best Surface Pro accessories 2024: Essential add-ons for Microsoft's flagship 2-in-1 laptop

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's flagship 2-in-1 laptop, spanning many generations to now arrive at the latest Surface Pro 10 for Business. These PCs can stand alone as tablets, but they only get better when you add an attachable keyboard and touchpad for the full laptop experience. 

Beyond that, there are plenty of other great accessories that can complement the full line of Surface Pro devices. We've collected a bunch of the best accessories for the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 10 for Business to start, following up with more useful accessories intended for use with older Surface Pro models.

Whether you need different controls, a bit of protection, more storage, or expanded connectivity, there's a great Surface Pro accessory for you right here.

Best accessories for the Surface Pro 9 and Pro 10 for Business

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Best accessories for older Surface Pro models

The Surface Pro 9 and Pro 10 for Business are the latest models to hit the market, but many people are still making good use of the Pro 8, Pro X, Pro 7/7+, and even older models.

Most of the accessories listed above will also work very well with the Surface Pro 8, save the UAG Metropolis case due to how Microsoft shifted the volume/power controls and port location.

If you're looking for some great accessories for older Surface Pro models, we've included them below and noted compatibility for each item.

How to choose the best Surface Pro accessories for you

The Surface Pro is widely considered one of the best Windows laptops around, and the lineup spans many generations, ultimately arriving at the Surface Pro 10 for Business, which is now available. We're still expecting the consumer-focused Surface Pro 10 in 2024, and we'll be sure to update this article with more accessories when it launches.

The Surface Pro is generally sold as a standalone tablet, and it can certainly live on its own thanks to the touch display. However, part of the beauty of the Pro line is its detachable keyboard. This turns the Pro into a full-fledged laptop that can stand up normally, thanks to the built-in stand on the back of the tablet. Adding something like the Surface Pro Keyboard for Business, complete with a Copilot button, is an easy recommendation for just about any user.

There's also the Surface Slim Pen 2 for inking purposes. It's the latest option from Microsoft, boasting tactile feedback, 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, and tilt support. Microsoft also offers keyboards with a built-in pen cradle, effectively keeping the pen nearby at all times while also charging the built-in battery.

UAG's Metropolis case is the best option if you want full-body protection for your Surface Pro 9 or Pro 10 for Business, but something like Tomtoc's 360 Protective Sleeve will also do a great job when you're en route. If there's one area where the Surface Pro falters, it's port selection. But that can be remedied with the Kensingston SD5780T Thunderbolt 4 dock.

What about accessories for older Surface Pro models?

Because of the lasting power of the Surface Pro, many users hold on to their older models even when there are multiple newer generations on the market. Not to fret if you have an older Surface Pro, as there are still a bunch of worthwhile accessories available.

I recommend checking out the Surface Pen and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover as starting options, as they'll round out your device quite nicely. There's also the Surface Dock 2 if you're using something like the Surface Pro 7 or Pro 8, which attaches using the proprietary Surface Connect port.

And if your Surface Pro has a microSD card reader, Samsung's EVO Select microSD card is an affordable way to add more storage.

Finally, DecalGirl skins are too good not to mention. There are skins for practically every Surface Pro model on the market, with too many options to count. If you'd like to add some style (or simply want some extra protection for the laptop's finish), I recommend checking out what's on offer at the DecalGirl website.

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