Show off your incredible Windows Phone photography in our Instagram forum

Instagram has officially launched on Windows Phone, as a beta at least. That said, many of you are already downloading the app and publishing content on the social network. While there are third-party apps already available on the store, the official app is finally here and we'd like to see what you've all been able to produce on the Windows Phone Central forum.

In case you haven't noticed, we've had an Instagram section on our forum for some time. It seemed odd to dedicate an entire part of our community to a service that wasn't officially supported, but that's no longer the case. Since Instagram now has an official app on the Windows Phone Store, we'd like to see some shots shared.

Proud of some Instagram photos you've captured on your Lumia (or other Windows Phone)? Be sure to share them with other consumers and show us what you've got! 

Instagram Forum

Head on over to our Instagram forum and share what you've got published on the popular social network. We'll look forward to seeing what our incredibly talented community can come up with!

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  • Nice to see but they need to hustle on the other features
  • Shared some of my photos here:
  • I just joined instagram and made my first picture and I don't have any followers so nobody saw it anyway. 
  • Why do I feel like WP8 guys are rubbing Instagram on my face!?!? -WP7 user
  • Probably because I don't own and never did own a wp7 but I wasn't aware that this app wasn't for wp7. That does suck.
  • Don't get mad... Get glad... Lol.
  • Stop being a beta tester and jump on board to wp8..
  • Ironically jump on board WP8 to beta test Instagram?
  • or the full release 6tag
  • and wp8
  • Windows Phone has been in beta since 2012, actually in 2012 was more like in Alpha, WP8 still in beta... waiting for the RC next year..
  • How is it that you're still on wp7. In fact, not even 7.5! Your phone must be a Nokia to last this long. Maybe you're not into new gear and just enjoy what you have.
  • My back up phone is the NL 900 (black)
  • I actually like the instagram beta app. I can now use two separate apps for both my if accounts. Yeah I know 6tag had multi accounts bur I like to keep them separate. Especially when I get a like, I wouldn't know which account it was until I opened 6tag. Now I can have both and use them together. Will definitely put the forum above to use.
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  • Cool, love windows phone Central
  • If only we could post our videos too ;)
  • Yea.. I do miss that feature too... Lets follow each other @kaaspparas ;)
  • .
  • ..
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  • First thing am gonna do is remove ads on 6tag, this guy deserve it.
  • Not seeing how to look for location - see people who post nearby
  • I'm sure this is an add on app for &roid and iFone?
  • 6Tag has it
  • This article makes it seem like some ppl don't know how to take "incredible" pictures without an official instagram app.
  • Ok, so lets take a Full resolution pictures with vivid colors and sharpness, then lets crop it to a square and to a resolution that is only good for a 5 in. screen, then lets add some filters to make the photo look old as it came from a 20yr old polarid camera ohh and let screw all those colors too.  Voilà,, now we have an instragram....
  • Wow, you either trying to be funny by using old as hell materials or you just plain ignorant on how this single app can put WP8 platform to a whole new level...
  • ignorant = a person that thinks that just one app will put WP8 in a whole new level. 
  • I downloaded so I too can feel hipster.
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  • Or check out my already awesome photos from 6tag official app is a bummer @maria_ballz
  • hey, is there a tutorial for posting pics via the wpcentral app?  feeling...dumb
  • Me, alias @Luminatica, Following all of you just to try out! :-)
  • Hipsters: Scramble and argue over phones with the best camera. Edits and uploads pics to look like a 1985 poloroid.
  • ^ This...
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    "unknowndatabase" :D
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  • Okey, but where is path??? I need path more than this..
  • Incredible pictures are taken and posted to Flickr. -_-
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