Lumia pride

If there is one thing Nokia Lumia owners have, it’s immodesty when it comes to their brightly colored phones (often to the chagrin of Samsung and HTC fans, ahem). So why not take it a step further with these handful of wallpapers?

We haven’t covered too many wallpaper packs since Windows Phone 8 came out, mostly because we rely on our various apps to now rotate ‘em on a regular basis. But there’s something to be said about picking your own, especially if they’re done right. These six “modern” Lumia themed wallpapers do the trick for us (there’s even two non-Lumia ones for those of you on Samsung or HTC) so we feel alright passing ‘em on to you.

Designed by Carlton Lindow, we’re told we can expect more designs in a few weeks.

Source: SkyDrive; via