Show off your Microsoft pride in Skype with these hidden emoticons

Have you ever wanted to inject some of your diehard Microsoft pride into Skype conversations? I know, it's a strange question, but you can now do just that with some hidden emoticons built into Skype for Microsoft's various Office programs, Xbox, and Bing.

Microsoft recently showed off a little surprise hidden in Skype for the launch of Windows 10 with the Ninja Cat-TRex emoticon, and now, as pointed out by WinSuperSite, there appear to be a number of others for Microsoft's different properties. Here's a breakdown of what you can type to get the corresponding emoticon:

  • (Word)
  • (Excel)
  • (Powerpoint)
  • (Publisher)
  • (Outlook)
  • (Sharepoint)
  • (Onenote)
  • (Onedrive)
  • (Xbox)
  • (Bing)

All you have to do is make sure you type the name within parentheses and you should end up with the corresponding icon in your chat. Just to cover our bases, we don't take responsibility for any wrath you may incur from friends or coworkers over messages composed entirely of Office logos. Emote responsibly, people!

Source: WinSuperSite

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Funny and interesting, didn't know these were in Skype at all.
  • Hmmm. Focus on fixing the damn service. Let's start by ringing when I place a call.
  • yep , would be a lot more useful.
  • And improving touch abilities
  • The fact that is nothing to take pride in is something all Microsoft fans should take pride in.
  • Am I the only one who misses the metro version of Skype ? I think it would be nice to have it with the windowed version of w10
  • I miss it every day. It lives on in 8.1 Windows Phone..
  • I miss it too. I had it before I factory reset my laptop after installing Windows 10. After that, I tried using the Skype Translator Preview as a replacement, but it wouldn't give me notifications, so I had to get desktop Skype. I sometimes miss the old "Online" tab from WP7.8 too that integrated MSN. I'm really looking forward to this Windows 10 built-in messaging app, though.
  • Yep. Whoever made the decision to cancel that perfectly working app should be slapped by a wet trout. The bizzare thing is that the app lives on and is maintained for RT tablets, as well as WP 8.1.
  • Yes!!! The desktop app is useless on my dell venue pro 8. Messaging is atrocious. The keyboard gets in the way of the message box because the desktop app doesn't resize with the keyboard. Yes I can float the keyboard but its still very unfriendly. Bring back the store app!!
  • The metro version worked perfectly. Touch a contracts number and it flawlessly filled the metro Skype dial number.
  • Sure, the metro was nice for touch. It SUCKED in video quality and didn't have as many tools. You couldn't screen share. I never found the option. I think they just need make the desktop version more touch friendly. A desktop version will have more option. They can release the desktop version in the store to. I do want the messaging app though.
  • I don't understand it at all why they removed the metro version. It's a pain in the ass to use the desktop version it on a tablet.
  • You can get Skype Translator preview in the store, which is almost identical to the old metro app ;)
  • Yes, the desktop one is wayyy too slow.
  • We all miss it. Skype for desktop, although better in terms of features, is a cluttered mess. We will be getting a new proper universal Skype app in October with the windows 10 mobile release.
  • Wait. That's confirmed?!
  • When are we getting the middle finger with Windows 10? Update: Nevermind I found it, never knew it was there. Lol
  • Where though?
  • Just type in Fuc% you
  • I think MS gave us the finger re. Windows 10 on launch day.
  • Oh ok.. Lol
  • I want a Microsoft logo!
  • Do you mean windows logo? Microsoft logo is just Microsoft spelt out
  • Lol :-P
  • It's there... and not there. Typing in (Microsoft) shows a white rectangle for me, but my friend with Skype on OS X gets a Microsoft logo allright.
  • Lol - Microsoft brand loyalty perks at its best
  • They could add the Windows, Microsoft, Cortana, and Office logos too... That'd be cool.
  • (Microsoft) is there, (Windows) also works but shows the Ninja-Cat TRex :P. Also I found (Skype) which is not in the list but working. (Cortana) and (Office) are not there though sadly.
  • Useless but cool :D
  • I'm sure this faceless corporation loves me more than that other faceless corporation!
  • Haha this^ times a thousand.
  • the whole earth wants CUSTOM emoticons back, I don't understand how difficult is that :/
  • Wow, they actually did put something in the last two generic PC updates besides "bug fixes and stability improvements",
  • Now if at least one of my contacts used Skype...
  • I know the feeling! Everyone wants Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp a a Snapchat, sure I use WhatsApp on my phone but I would rather use skype across phone, tablet and desktop, if only Skype could connect to all the other services that would be great!
  • now we can shill ms products while skype screws with our volume settings and generally refuses to cooperate with the user.
  • How would you forget what a white Xbox looks like.
  • What was the ninja cat one again?
  • Just type (Win10)
  • I don't know who uses Skype anyways. It is so rare these days. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So you live under a rock and only know 2 people - you & yourself.
  • There's also Windows, try (Windows).
  • (mooning)
  • No Cortana??
  • These don't even work!!! (I have Nokia Lumia 530 with WP8.1 can anyone help me???!!!)
  • Use PC client  
  • All features always first go to IOS and Android.. WP is barely on the list
  • I don't understand why hiding so much good emoticons, it's hard to use. Now people are leaving this behind to other services, I'm sad because I can't contact my friends by Skype anymore they use Facetime or Line
  • We should have these in all W10...unless they are already..?
  • Where do I find the "Microsoft phone funeral" -emoticon? Should be very appropriate given the recent focus of MS
  • Wanna add (Skype) too, and (windows) to see ninja cat
  • Saw this and thought I really can't take pride in Skype, and I suppose I had better upset the party by mentioning that Skype on tablets is a disaster area at the moment, I like MS, I like Skype, but what they have done is driving so many peope to look at alternative services. But I don't like being the odd one out, I was very pleased to see I am not the only one with these feelings. The phone and Xbox app work, it cant be that hard to make a universal app, its what you want other people to do.....................
  • Awesome!! There's so much with these messenging apps, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp all have some great individual functionality and features, just wish these thigns (like stickers, custom emoticons, gifs, attachments) could be standardised in some way; I'd love to be able to send MS emoticons via SMS or Facebook, send stickers and gifs via WhatsApp etc.  
  • I like the fact that every writer at windowscentral is now deleting my comments from all posts. This shows the respect and power of truth. Truth wins
  • I find myself using Skype for business a whole lot lately. They should just use this as one, unified Skype app. It simply works.
  • Want them in Skype for Business :(
  • Not my office's version of Skype
    The coworker I tested it with thinks I'm nuts. Well, more so.
  • They better spend their time in fixing or bringing the windows 8.1 version because the windows 10 version suck big time.
  • Unfortunetely, Skype for Business (2015) doesn't support these as yet
  • does not seem to work in skype translator preview application