Celebrate Windows 10's launch in Skype with Ninja Cat-TRex emoticon

Microsoft's promotions for the launch of Windows 10 have been very interesting, including the use of the Ninja Cat meme. Today, Microsoft's Skype team sent out a reminder that anyone who uses the text messaging part of their mobile or desktop clients can send others a cool Ninja Cat-TRex emoticon

The Skype team reminds us that user can type in either (Win10) or (trex) into their text chat for the Ninja Cat-TRex emoticon to appear. They even provide a guide on how to "care" for that new creature.

Of course, you can create your own Ninja Cat background or lockscreen with a variety of different steeds to choose from. Will you be using the Ninja Cat-TRex emoticon in your Skype text messages.

Source: Skype

John Callaham