Microsoft thanks #Windows10 Insiders with #ninjacat wallpaper, mashups, and campaign

In just eight days, Microsoft is gearing up for what is certainly their largest release to date: Windows 10 for PCs. For many months now, a cadre of volunteers aka Insiders have helped Microsoft deliver an OS that you want through feedback, votes, and data usage.

Even though making an OS is srs bsns it does not mean we cannot all have a little fun too. Case in point: Ninja Cat riding on a unicorn. If you are not familiar with the bold, proud and ludicrous emblem of Windows Insiders insiders, then you can read my expertly crafted history of the unintentional Microsoft meme here.

For those of you already in the club (and who maybe own our t-shirt), you just need to know Microsoft has you covered. Today, they are releasing Ninjacat riding on various new steeds, including the classic unicorn and the new T-Rex and narwhal versions. From Gabriel Aul's post:

"So here are some fun background/lock screen images of the ninja cat and her steeds to help celebrate the upcoming launch of Windows 10 upgrades for PCs. You can download either the background images themselves (sized for the most common resolutions for PCs, tablets, phones and the Microsoft Band) or the individual images and make your own."

The form is in wallpaper for your PC, tablets, phones and yes, even the Microsoft Band.

Do-It-Yourself kit

What's even more fun than using this wallpaper is making your own mashup. After all, the original Ninjacat is just that, a mashup of various internet sub-memes. Now you can get on the fun too with a mini Do-It-Yourself kit!

The kit is rather simple: It is all the base parts, including variations of the ninjacat, the various steeds, the Microsoft flag and some bacon for good measure. Mix 'em up, add your twist and share with the world.

Once you make your bold creation (see this earlier one with the new login screen), you can tweet the results with #windows10 #ninjacat so that others can grab your PC art!

On a personal note, I think these kinds of whimsical community interactions are amazing. Let's face it, Microsoft has been bullied around for the last few years in the press and consumers. It is awesome to see not only the company getting their mojo back but its employees having fun with it as well.

Oh and Gabriel Aul ends the article with this cryptic challenge:

"One more thing. We've hidden something else secret in Skype. No, we're not talking about this emoticon. Let's see if anyone can find it."

Update: In Skype, message a friend with (windows10) and you'll they'll get a nice surprise.

Grab the wallpaper from the Windows Blog, create your mashups, and spread the Windows 10 word!

Source: Windows Blog

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