Windows 10 hero wallpaper combined with Ninja Cat on a Unicorn is pure WIN

Microsoft recently demonstrated how they created their new 'hero' wallpaper for Windows 10. The black and blue image shows the Windows logo created with light, and it is certainly unique (I am actually not a fan). Since that wallpaper is not available yet, a fan recreated it for everyone to use.

Today another fan of that wallpaper named Greg Carpentier merged it with our favorite unofficial logo: the ' Ninja cat riding a Unicorn with a Microsoft flag'.

For some reason, I suddenly now love this wallpaper.

To grab it yourself head to Greg's OneDrive where he is sharing the full 3840 x 2160 version for all. Enjoy!

Source: @Greg_Carpentier

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This:
    "For some reason, I suddenly now love this wallpaper."
  • It is WOW!
  • Same here! it was awesome way it was but this multiply the awesomness like "seems faster" many times.
  • Need to add Maxell "blown away guy" the the hero image for the win!
  • I wonder if this will become a trend?  Should get my kids to work on this.
  • Nice, but shadows are not in the right direction ;)
  • I think the unicorn is ok but the flag is all to cock.
  • Look at unicorn's tail
  • Your right of course, but look at the light source, in reality the vast majority of the shadow would be completely out of the picture because its barely above the plane that the horse stands on. So ok, its incorrect for multiple reasons not just the tail. But if you can suspend the need to focus on that, you can marvel at how much richer the whole image is with Ninja cat and the Unicorn included. To me it brings up the idea that this is an operating system to be reckoned with. These guys have fought the toughest of wars and have not only perservered but come away triumphant in every way imaginable. Thats what comes to mind when I look at it now. This will be the wallpaper that adornes my home screen for some time to come!  
  • Agreed. I like it much better now, but fix the shadows.
  • Yeah, the shadows don't fit, and also the reflection of the fire doesn't make sense.
  • Hmmm... The missing piece of the puzzle is now placed. Beautiful!
  • That shadow seems little bit weird to me.
  • This is one dope wallpaper
  • That "hero wallpaper" they spent so much time and money making is atrocious. Not even the glorious unicorn-riding ninja cat can salvage it. I seriously don't get Microsoft sometimes. That hero image completely undermines all of their current design principles. It looks like it belongs on Windows Vista.
  • Windows Vista wallpapers were badass. I have several of them shuffling as my wallpaper on my Surface Pro.
  • Yes, they 2007. Now they look antiquated, just as this hideous Windows 10 "hero image" does. They'd have been better off using the stock Windows XP wallpaper. That holds up a lot better. This new hero image is not inviting. It's dark, gloomy, cyberpunk that completely contradicts the bright, cheerful, and flat designs of Windows 8 and Windows 10. I don't even want to know how much money Microsoft wasted on making it. Somebody should be fired over it. I just hope Satya is smart enough to kill it before Windows 10 launches next month. You only get one first impression and this hero image is a bad one for Windows 10.
  • Personally, the last thing I would call the flat designs of Windows 8 & Windows 10 is cheerful. I absolutely hate the dull & boring solid coloured tiles on Windows 8 Windows 10. Everytime I compare the Windows 7 desktop with the Windows 8 desktop, it seems to me as if something has sucked up the energy & vibrance from my PC(the start screen seems like a mess to me but that's a different topic). I really miss the Windows 7 days, & for me Windows will probably never look beautiful as it did with during the Windows Vista & 7(especially) era. But I am really loving the original wallpaper as well as this ninja cat unicorn one. It actually brings a glow to the desktop(for me).
  • Cheerful refers to the colors, not the flatness. Flatness is modern, though. Phony 3D vector graphics are not modern. They belong in 1980s cyber punk comic books, at best, especially dark ones like the hero image of Windows 10. The Windows XP wallpaper is a much better fit for 2015 than this atrocity is--but then again, almost anything would be.  Nobody's mother and grandmother are going to boot up Windows 10, see that and think, "How nice!". They're going to be put off. It's a bad decision my Microsoft's design team.
  • Well if I have to take 'modern' into consideration, then I'm not going to even think about 'flatness'. That word simply doesn't come into my definition of 'modern' with the development of powerful hardware. I'm really sick of this flat stuff. For me, the Zune(I've only seen the photos, never have seen in person)& the Windows Media Center UI on Vista, 7 & 8 look modern, not the flatness. Even I agree that the Windows XP default wallpaper looks great, but I really don't think they would like to go with it. As for whether anybody's mother or grandmother would be put off after seeing the default wallpaper, I guess we have already seen how nice did they feel after using Windows 8. Haven't we?  BTW, as far as the wallpaper goes, they certainly could have gone with a picture of a beautiful landscape, sort of like what Apple does. As much as I hate that company, I'm really impressed with their collection of wallpapers for every iteration of iOS as well as OS X.
  • I dont think they just spent a lot of money for just a background, maybe they created some other materials that are going to use for other advertisements
  • Haven't you got that the wrong way around? Now it's completely hideous and tacky, with that shitty unicorn straight from 1995. The Hero design (admittedly, a shit name) is elegant, minimal and stark, summing up the clean lines of Win10.
  • Ok this is art and therefore subjective, personally I think its beautiful and cleverly done. whatever the cost it is better than most modern art today, which in my opinion is only designed to shock we seem to have forgotten all about beauty. Still I respect your views.
  • Am I the only one who hates it?
  • No
  • The sticker in the between looks PhotoShop rip-off
  • Daniel Rubino
  • What would have been cooler was Microsoft integrating Bing wallpaper into the desktop wallpaper and phone home screen.
  • That, my friend, is certainly one of my wishes!
  • Great idea
  • You can already do this by downloading Bing Desktop 
  • I downloaded the one the youtuber made and it is actually pretty boss...I like it. Now this, not a big fan of the Ninja Cat.
  • With you. Hero image is good, if not the best. never understood what's so "cool" about the ninja cat.
  • Is the cat phenomenon a USA thing? I detest those lol cat things. Round my way, cats are vermin.
  • +Cityman
  • Wait a minute... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes! It is now mine. It matches my surfing laser cat t-shirt.
  • Nah, ninja cat on a unicorn only distracts from the original...but whatever floats your boat.
  • A badly needed distraction. The original looks awful.
  • Cheapens it 100%.
  • Thank you Greg! This is just epic. I set it as wallpaper and lock screen on all of my computers.
  • Can anyone offer an explanation for the giant brown smudge?
  • Scorch mark from the fire?
  • Tis flames. It's been badly done.
  • Looks great
  • Actually looks better XD
  • Wow.. Shadows are f'd up tho
  • Dat shadow...
  • That's amazing! Downloading that right now!
  • That's awesome!!! I hand my ninja cat and unicorn shirt on today
  • Awesome mix! This new image tells the beginnings of a story and the colours just pop! Concept for a game, anyone?
  • No words can describe how much I love hero image. I have made this my background image on WP8.1
  • Someone add dickbutt
  • Can't access it :/
  • Brave new world
  • Now my life is complete!
  • No.
  • Needs more dinosaur.
  • This is glorious.
  • Gonna use this as my macbook wallpaper. 
  • Dude, much awesomeness, thankyou
  • Ok this is art and therefore subjective, personally I like the new windows 10 logo & think its beautiful and cleverly done. whatever the cost it is better than most modern art today, which in my opinion is only designed to shock we seem to have forgotten all about beauty. Still I respect your views, adding the ninja cat brilliant good fun.
  • Time for a new T-Shirt!!!!
  • Welcome to Windows 10! Welcome to the internet!
  • I was bored. It was quick and not alot of work put into it but, hey, Ninja Cat XP, LOL.!88576&authkey=!ANvkhLCcBRjNS2w&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng
  • Not bad, but should have added a gradient overlay on the ninja cat to match the background, or at least changed the hue.
  • Why don't you do it yourself instead of complaining about something nice that someone else has done for us for free!? Ungrateful much?
  • You're not serious, are you? I was offering constructive criticism (hence the "not bad"), which is a pretty normal thing among graphic designers and artists, but I guess this is the wrong site for that.
  • Sounds like nice constructive criticism to me.  My kids do stuff like this all the time and I'm always amazed and proud.  But I'll still give them constructive feedback.
  • Take out the flame and it looks a lot better.
  • Personally, I think the original Hero Image is absolutely gorgeous! It is an amazing work of art. Especially when it hits you that this is not just some digital artwork created in Photoshop, but an actual photograph of a real time display assembled on a set, with real lasers... How can anyone who loves Microsoft not be a fan of this?
  • Now that 10159 is here I really like the hero image.  Couldn't tell so much on the low res samples.  Reminds me of club photography work I used to do where I only used the club lighting. On the quest for good desktop backgrounds I'm often dissapointed by many of the lifeless photoshop offerings out there.    
  • I'm making a couple different colored versions. Got a yellow, green and red one.
  • Purr-fect. Almost.  It makes the wallpaper more fun. Everything is more fun with Ninja-Cat   Though I do prefer only 2 logos on the flag. 4 logos clog it up too much. 
  • Who knows... they'll surprise us and make a video wallpaper out of this, like the Dreamscene... oh yeah I would love it..
  • The "hero" wallpaper press coverage is quite brilliant, really. Any press is good. Sure it sucks with jabs like "if MS only put this much effort into it's software...", but the coverage shows a whimsy-over-thought-out that I think is appealing. It wasn't about how to make a wallpaper fast, it was let's have some fun with it. With recent news about more restructuring, you could argue resources are spent elsewhere, but meh. I wish there was a variety of colors for the Hero wallpaper, the blue is too reminiscent of the Jedi for my tastes.
  • I just love the Ninja cat on the unicorn! I have stickers of it (sticking it on the back of my car this week) and even a black t-shirt! It's awesome!
  • the shadow is wrong
  • Link dead?
  • Link no longer works:(
  • Yeah, i'm looking for this.  Microsoft should make it a theme on their themes page.
  • There's a vinyl decal available on Etsy for the Ninja Cat + TRex!
  • I actually got two decals from the Insiders event in NYC last month.