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Showtime's Halo TV series casts Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief

Things are starting to shape up for Showtime's live-action Halo TV series, which is set to begin production later this fall. In its latest move, Showtime has revealed Pablo Schreiber, best known for his recent roles in American Gods and Orange is the New Black, will don the helmet as Master Chief for the series (via Hollywood Reporter).

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Showtime also announced that "newcomer" Yerin Ha will co-star as Quan Ah, a new character invented for the series. Quan Ah is described as "a shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies who meets Master Chief at a fateful time for them both."

Showtime's Halo series has been in the works since 2014, so its production is a long time coming. There was talk that the project was in danger of being canceled in 2017, but Microsoft confirmed work on the series was still ongoing. Most recently, the series picked up Otto Bathurst, known for his work on Black Mirror and Robin Hood, as a director after Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt stepped down.

Production on the Halo TV series is expected to start this fall in Budapest, Hungary.

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  • Schreiber is a fantastic actor, love him in The Wire and American Gods so I have no doubts he will nail the gruff Chief voice. I'm still not sold on the Halo series because, game adaptation, and Halo Nightfall was definitely not great television, but hopefully they can pull out something amazing.
  • If they follow along from the books they have a ton of good content to work with. The back story is massive and very much needed to complement the games. I hope the TV series doesn't ignore it all.
  • Good actor but they'd better dub his voice and use visual effects to increase his height. Otherwise, nope.
  • I mean, he's 195cm, so he's not that far off Chief (who is ridiculously tall), only 5 inches. So they could easily just bump up the armour thickness, or, alternatively, realise that given how tall Pablo actually is compared to most other people (he's taller than Mike Coulter), no one is going to notice that he isn't 6'10". To be honest, if you actually wanted an actor close to him in height you would need to go with the brother from Everybody Loves Raymond, and I don't think ANYONE wants that casting to be done.