SideSight: Multitouch on Steroids

We all know from the leaked info on WM7 that multitouch (already hardware capable on some HTC devices) is going to be a big part of the UI.

Word is MicroSoft is going beyond just aping the iPhone though and adding some further functionality, to wit: SideSight, as demonstrated above and described below

In this research project, dubbed SideSight, infrared sensors on the side of the device allow a user to, say, rotate an image, by making a gesture to the side of the device.

We have to admit, devices next year are going to be might-tee funky, between shaking them, touching them and in some cases...not touching them.

At least our Jedi-envy will finally be appeased by the tech gods!

Source: Cnet via SolSie

Phil Nickinson

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