Simulscribe - Quick Video Demo

One of our main concerns is getting info when we need it. This has brought about great features such as text messaging and email on the smartphone. Great features that, say, our mothers aren't going to use when they need to talk to us right away. So she calls me while I'm at a concert, goes to voicemail, which I'm not about to listen to. When then? I get the voicemail sent to me in text so that I can read on my phone while the music blares in the background. Right now I

WC Staff
  • Unlimited $29.95 per month
    40 per month $9.95* per month
    wayyyy to expensive. either $10 for 40 (which is 1 voicemail a day avg) or $30 for unlim which is like another cell plan added on. 40 should be $5, unlime 19.99, and maybe say a intermediate 100 for $10
  • I've been using the service for a while now and really enjoy it. It can be expensive, but 40 messages per month is sufficient for me. The speech-to-text engine is really good. My girlfriend made the "kiss" noise and it transcribed it as "Muah!". Overall, good "bang for the buck" value!
  • My girlfriend made the "kiss" noise and it transcribed it as "Muah!".
    I don't know if it does it on WinMo, but on BB I learned last week that it scans your address book for names -- So if I called somebody it would know to spell my name "Dieter Bohn" instead of "Deeter Bone." Clever.
  • I just left a message for myself and said names I knew were in my phone's address book - doesn't look like it does any scans on WinMo.
  • None of the visual voicemail services have worked well for me since I live in the south and the drawl is just to much for either humans or machines to translate.