Skyfire snags Travelocity exec for CEO

Skyfire has announced that Jeff Glueck, former CMO for Travelocity, will be taking over the helm as CEO. Co-founder Nitin Bhandari will become the company's Chief Product Officer. Last month Skyfire 1.0 was successfully launched on the Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms (as well as beta on BlackBerry) and Glueck's presence is sure to raise the stakes in the mobile browser arena.

Under Glueck's direction, Travelocity was recognized for its business rejuvenation, including "Turnaround Company of the Year" from the American Business Awards, and a Gold Effie from the American Marketing Association for best retail advertising campaign. Skyfire is hoping he can bring it the same kind of magic to the.

Glueck's individual honors include being named to Advertising Age's 2007 "40 Under 40," as well as being a graduate from Harvard University and Oxford University, where he was honored as a Marshall Scholar.

Only time will tell what this will mean for Skyfire but it sounds like a promising step in the right direction.

More on Skyfire's management here.

Phil Nickinson

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