Skype for Business will allow broadcasts of meetings for up to 10,000 people

Microsoft will add a new feature to its recently launched Skype for Business VoIP service that will allow customers to broadcast online meetings to as many as 10,000 people at once.

Microsoft revealed this new feature as part of the announcements it is making at the Ignite IT pro conference today in Chicago. It says:

"The service uses Azure Media Services for streaming audio, video and PowerPoint presentations and offers built-in interoperability with Bing Pulse for sentiment tracking and Yammer for audience conversations. Extensibility enables third parties to add audience polling, formal Q&A and other functionality."

So far, there's no word on when this new feature will be added to Skype for Business, nor is there any information on how much it will cost. Microsoft launched Skype for Business as the replacement for its older Lync service for Windows desktop PCs in March. It is currently in the middle of an internal company test for a Windows Phone version of the service.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

John Callaham
  • Wow that's great
  • Who cares about business things here ?
  • People like myself who work for large corporations.
  • People who are employed?
  • People who run businesses.
  • People who are capable to work
  • +1. I'm very interested in business related news.
  • probably the most useless comment. Why did you even comment in the first place?
  • It will be a while before he comments on Windows central again. Dude, can you imagine a company wide meeting via Skype? Shoot... United Nation meeting via Skype for that matter
  • Yup. Most companies can directly ditch the 3rd party software and just run Skype for everything. A lot easier than dialing and entering a code for the meeting.. oh wait oops I forgot to download GoToMeeting. All that BS removed
  • Yeah my company uses Skype for business, GoToMeeting, and RingCentral. Its a real pain. Skype is the cleanest most efficient and beautiful one of the three!
  • Don't know bro !
  • Skype needs to offer free USA to USA calls like google voice does, along with free USA number.
  • What are you talking about MS has been offering free Skype credits for years, ever heard of Bing points?
  • Does Google make you sign up for one thing to sign up for another thing?
    Ok then, someone else does it better.
  • Does Google make you sign up for one thing to sign up for another thing?
    No. fixed  Yes. Google+
  • Isn't that the same "thing"? Google voice is Google, while I can have a Skype that's not an MS account to sign up for Bing... Unless I don't need an MS account anymore for Bing rewards...???
  • Well I have Bing point for free netflix, Xbox live and Skype. I don't see this as a bad deal. But hey whatever works for you guys. I do agree on free Skype number
  • i just searched bing points and its not available for my region :/ finland
  • That sucks, let me send you some codes time your junk email and ill send you some codes
  • That's a lot of skype
  • Is it enough though? How many people can be broadcast on gotomeeting? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before meerkat or periscope go into the business world or at lest broadcast of press conferences such as build or even just Ted talks.
  • Why are being so negative? At least the service is there now, and possibilities are up to your imagination. Just because you're a Google fan boy, it doesn't make your preferences superior
  • Google? When did I mention Google. Is periscope or meerkat owned by Google? I was asking a hypothetical question. Like why a 10k limit? Why not showcase azure's scalability and make no limit?
  • Sorry bro. Was too quick to judge. Assumed from your earlier preference of Google Voice in another comment
  • Oh no, I have more iPhones in with my lumia stable than any google phones. All good in the hood.
  • Azure.  There's that name again!
  • And I'm just sitting here... Chatting with Skype call test service...
    Forever alone
  • But my company has only ONE employee. $_$
  • Mine doesn't even have one employe. Am Managing Director , CEO , Clerk and also Sweeper
  • Multitalented
  • As the boss, you should take them out to lunch today.
  • Wow cant wait to use this instead of Lync :)
  • Dang!
  • What I'm curious about is screen sharing. Currently with Lync 2010, I can only do screen sharing with 1 person at a time. We have to look at 3rd party systems like GoToMeeting.
  • Lync 2013 fixed that issue. I have been able to have meetings with 200+ people and we have done screensharing, presentations, and having the leader via video and audio.
  • Lovely square contact pics whereas regular Skype on e.g. phones has forced upon us ugly ass round, small contact pics.. :-(
  • How about reliability?  I'm always not getting skype notifications on my phone, or calls don't go through.  Never miss any message notifications with Whatsapp :(
  • Pretty sure Q3 was mentioned for the skype for Business stuff
  • Wow. Huge opportunity!
  • This is a nightmare scenario, utterly unmanageable for corporate users.  I can see value in it for an organization like Microsoft that wants to maybe have 10,000 people connect to an event like Ignite.  It's very important to moderate conferences once the participant list exceeds 10 or so people.  Moderation costs money and/or staff time.  I think I will enjoy reading about the early adopters' experiences.
  • You wont see real-life experince-based reviews: honesty is missing from this industry (as well). Guess what size of companies need 10.000 participants in a single meeting? Yes, its the Top500 club! Can you imagine the CIO of such company will give a bad review of Skype in the public? Yes you are right, that will never happen. The case studies on are paid by MS itself, so the journalist interviewing the customer CIO is allowed only to praise the actual MS product in-scope up to the heavens. Yes, you will be able to find honest reviews of small / mid-size experience from some smaller company IT techies, but nothing honest from the 10.000 range, I bet on that.
  • So is this Skype enhanced for business? Or is it just Lync rebranded?
  • I think it's just Lync rebranded honestly. I've only started using Lync from where I work last week and it's... almost like Skype . Of course we didn't update to Skype for Business... or even know if it's available right now. The maximum video conference we did was about 20 guys.