Skype calling arriving soon for Amazon Echo devices

Following its initial announcement in September, it looks like Skype calling is nearly ready to roll out to Amazon Echo devices. Though the feature doesn't appear to be available just yet, a Microsoft page (via WalkingCat) announcing its launch, complete with instructions on how to get started, has gone live, indicating it's coming relatively soon.

To start making Skype calls with Alexa, you'll have to enable Skype integration through the "Communications" portion of the Settings menu in your Amazon Alexa app on either iOS or Android. Once enabled, you'll be able to start Skype calls by using phrases like "Alexa, Skype mom" or "Alexa, call dad on Skype." When someone is calling you, you can simply say "Alexa, pick up" to answer the call.

According to Microsoft, Skype calling is compatible with all Echo devices release thus far, going back to the first generation Echo. On the Echo Show, you'll be able to make video calls as well. When you link Skype and Alexa, you'll also get 100 free minutes of calls per month for two months.

As of this writing, the option to link Skype with Alexa doesn't appear to be live just yet within the Alexa app. However, now that the Microsoft page is now live, it doesn't look like it's too far off.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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