Skype Professional Account will help business owners connect with clients

Called Skype Professional Account, the offering is meant to help consolidate everything from scheduling tools to billing into one app for instructors and business owners.

According to Microsoft, a Skype Professional Account desktop client will be released into preview in the U.S. soon. When it arrives, users will be able to book meetings with clients, accept payments, and keep notes, all from within the app. Microsoft says that Skype Profession Account will also include enhanced profile pages that include a dedicated website for small businesses within Skype, complete with details like hours and business offerings. Of course, Skype's bread and butter, calling, is supported as well.

The target user base here, as Microsoft points out, is business owners who may provide services like tutoring, consulting, or music lessons over Skype. People looking for services will benefit as well, as they'll be able to search for businesses from within Skype.

Microsoft says it has limited spots available for the preview, but you can fill out a survey at the Skype Professional Account page for a chance to join in.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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