Skype Professional Account will help business owners connect with clients

Called Skype Professional Account (opens in new tab), the offering is meant to help consolidate everything from scheduling tools to billing into one app for instructors and business owners.

According to Microsoft, a Skype Professional Account desktop client will be released into preview in the U.S. soon. When it arrives, users will be able to book meetings with clients, accept payments, and keep notes, all from within the app. Microsoft says that Skype Profession Account will also include enhanced profile pages that include a dedicated website for small businesses within Skype, complete with details like hours and business offerings. Of course, Skype's bread and butter, calling, is supported as well.

The target user base here, as Microsoft points out, is business owners who may provide services like tutoring, consulting, or music lessons over Skype. People looking for services will benefit as well, as they'll be able to search for businesses from within Skype.

Microsoft says it has limited spots available for the preview, but you can fill out a survey at the Skype Professional Account page for a chance to join in.

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  • Skype is burning hard.
  • This maybe true, but what does it have to do with the article or the subject of business owners?
  • Because the once burned, twice shy customers are not going to risk another abandoned product. They've also seen how slowly Microsoft respond to market shifts and release outside the US. Would be nice if SfB and Skype personal finally bridge in a seamless manner. Having Microsoft personal and federated logins share the same ID is asinine; how does a user know to look for in a URL to determine that personal accounts can only be used for login?
  • I love that pic they used. Looks like she's fingering more than an instrument there, if you know what I mean.
  • And she'd be able to accept payments too :)
  • she is fingering many things at once and enjoying it all.
  • Skype was doomed the moment MS purchasedit it.  I used it to communicate with callout with my family when I was stationed in Korea in 2006 and it was incredible for $.02 per minute, that is when the Samsung wireless was working!  Does anybody know how many different versions they came out with once they bouhgt it?  Absolutely worthless!!
  • 我能说中文吗
  • Issue with Skype and Skype for business is that they are built on completely different platforms, would be great to see a bridge, but the head of Skype, Head of Lync and Microsofts internal structure saw the death of that.  MS are running around like headless chickens, releasing this, killing off that, without a clear understanding or even properly supporting thier own creations.  Soo frustrating to watch and experience.  Satya Nadella has got to go, hes had his chances and look at where he has led us, up the garden path.  So much for Mobile First, Cloud First..more like BS First.
  • Since Cortana 'is not available in your region' still, i don't expect anything here for the next few years. They probably abandon it by that time...
  • How does this use Cortana?
  • Why is everything named Skype? This is just confusing. Either make it an own product with its own name, or intergrate it in Skype. Maybe make a Skype lite for the normal user who just wants to call and write and make a full Skype suite, with all other features in it. And that's it. But right now it's a real mess and even I have problems to know which Skype products now exist and for what scenarios they are used, although I read this site daily.
  • Jeez throwing more Skype stuff into the fray....It doesn't necessarily sound like BAD service but don't really get why MS are doing it / providing it - Why another separate Skype app.
  • Who would use this? Most people I know don't even have Skype.. Facebook pretty much owns business and consumer communication (other than dedicated business sites of course)
  • yeah and what about people that are planning to switch to Microsoft Teams? Those companies and people are going to be confused even more. Should they go with Microsoft Teams, Skype Professional, Skype for Business, or Microsoft 365 Business??
  • Did they remove functionality to SMS a mobile number, like they did with every other Skype platform?
  • Google already tried this approach with with Helpouts (an implementation of Hangouts) and it bombed.
  • yeah because people are already used to using services like Slack for communications and Paytm or PayPal for payments.
  • I lost the skype track a long time ago. I'm afraid MS has the same problem. Oh well, at least something to write about.