Skype Qik app update adds new video effects based on Minecraft and more

Microsoft is rolling out an update today to its Skype Qik video messaging app for Windows Phone, which adds some new video effects that can be applied for some fun interaction with friends. One of the effects turns a person's face into a Minecraft version of themselves.

Microsoft offers up the details about this Skype Qik 1.5 version update:

We created 8 new effects you can use while recording your videos to make them more fun and playful. Once you open the viewfinder, you can select an effect to apply to your video. You can even switch from one to another while you're recording to include multiple effects in one video message. Choose from favorites like mirror, x-ray and Minecraft (a staff favorite that makes you look 8-bit) or go crazy with hearts or snow.

Skype Qik Effects

Windows Phone users can swipe through the app's viewfinder to check all of the new Skype Qik video effects. The 1.5 update is not yet available in the Windows Phone Store but it should roll out sometime today.

Download Skype Qik from the Windows Phone Store (free)

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Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Dead in the water.
  • Shh
  • omg now i know why the heck MSFT took off the "sending video clip to group" feature from original skype app... so ppl would download skype qik... PFFFFT!!!!!!
  • How about the ability to make Skype calls?
  • That's what the regular skype app is for! Skype Qik has been a failure for me lately. It never notifies me or the people I know who use it that there's a message. We have to actually go into the app to see a notification. So lately, nobody uses it. I hope they fix soon.
  • Need to put in features like switching cameras while recording. The android app has it, why not implement that in?
  • Because Microsoft.
  • The biggest reason I don't use it
  • Japanese
  • The store is buged. It doesn't have a single update since yesterday.
  • I've gotten plenty. I don't think it's the store.
  • It shows no update for me too.
  • It looks minecraftier
  • Why not update real Skype with things like file sharing?
  • File sharing is a Windows phone restriction problem. That's y even WhatsApp on wp doesn't have file sharing.
  • Telegram Messenger begs to differ. Windows Phone 8.1 provides APIs for full access to user's files.
  • ^This. Telegram can send even .mp3 files lol
  • Does anyone even use this?
  • Seriously....i really don't see the point to it at all.
  • Neither do i. You would think MS would put more effort in an attempt to atleast make it popular since they arent able to bring us Snap chat. There is no doubt MS is interested in taking risks and developing new software/hardware but judging by some of their stuff, I doubt they are investing in the right ppl. which is a shame.
  • They should integrate this with Skype. Millions of ppl use Skype. And if integrated they will use this more. Keeping this separate is like digging your own graveyard.
  • Completely agreed .. Also no option of moving this app to SD Card
  • Yep, it seems that the biggest barrier is getting people to install the app. When I played around with this when it first came out, no one wanted to install the app to see the video.
  • This app should be allowed to be stored in SD card
  • I used Skype Quik this weekend for the first time and sent my relatives an invite, but no one is using it that I know of. But I do have to ask what is the advantage of this over just a quick vid from the native apps on the camera's phone? How is this a differentiator?
  • Nope the Store isn't yet showing an update ... Kay updated 11th Feb 2015 ... The Valentine's Day update...
  • No one I know is using this. They screwed the launch by not giving everyone the same features at the same time. Windows Phone had the least amount of features so their own built-in fan base was kind of excluded. They use the Skype name but you can't log in with Skype credentials or connect directly with Skype contacts. Can only use on one device. Invited are via SMS, which makes inviting people who don't live in your country more difficult. They don't seem interested in changing any of these issues.
  • +720
  • It would be cool If they let you use your Microsoft account and link you to all contacts like Xbox Friends, Skype Contacts and maybe even Outlook Contacts
  • I don't see the update yet.
  • 8-bit? No. Pixelated? Yes.
  • This app needs to become a feature inside Skype, and then killed off. The trend towards removing features from apps and spinning them off into separate apps needs to stop (looking at you Facebook and FourSquare). Nobody wants to have multiple apps to do what one app could do, especially if it fragments the userbase (case in point: Qik vs. Skype). That said, I'm surprised, and disappointed, that Microsoft hasn't implemented Minecraft into more of it's services yet. There should be Minecraft skins and emoticons for Skype, GroupMe, Windows Phone's keyboard, etc.
  • FB didnt bother me. There's a lot going on in the FB app - messaging checking and interacting with your news feed are very different thing. I like that when I just want to send a message, I can go straight to that interface without all the notifications, newsfeed and all of that. With Skype, its already a messaging app, this is just a differendt kind of message. Why split it out?
  • I'll get that app soon. Do they have it for pc
  • I use this app daily with my girlfriend who lives about an hour away. Any updates and signs of continued support is exciting to see!
  • It is a beautyful app but no one I know is using it.
  • This
  • sweet I like the new MS
  • Fix all the horrible bugs first
  • lovely app for video sharing i use it every day!