Skype introduces new 'Power Women' Mojis and emoticons

Skype users will be able to access a number of female-themed Mojis and emoticons for their text chats, as part of Microsoft's new "Power Women" lineup for its VoIP clients.

Power women

Microsoft says (opens in new tab):

This is something we are truly passionate about and are thrilled to build this theme into our personal expression family. These Mojis and emoticons represent a variety of women and the passions they pursue in their daily lives. Whether it be sciences, sports, or business, our idea of a powerful individual is someone who is true to themselves.

The new Power Women Mojis will be rolled out later today and can be accessed on the emoticon picker tab.

  • Seems as though this would've been more appropriate a few weeks ago on Mothers Day...
  • Why, not all strong women are mothers, and not all mothers are stong women.
  • :)
  • That will go nicely with the power men set already there. Wait... Can't find it.
  • I'm sorry, but this would be "sexist" if it were "Power Men."
  • Don't apologize for the truth.
  • Yea where are the power men ones though??
  • I agree, where is one of me with a machine gun blowing up terrorists and saving babies in a 1970 Camaro SS ??  What complete nonsense.
  • And how exactly is this not sexist?
  • A response to Google pushing for the same thing on Android. Come on Microsoft... be first out the gate with ideas like this. When you do this, you give the impression that you're just trying to play catch up (or stay relevant)
  • Yeah because some animated emojis will ever make a company stay relevant.
    it's not like Skype team hasn't released new emojis before with animals, granny, some India stuff, angry birds, random things, or mojis that include many tv shows and movies, muppets, angry birds and more random things. But now you "play catch up" if you release something new that it already had like more emojis? wow, nice way to find something to complain about Microsoft.
  • Regardless. Look at the timing
  • I still don't use anything other than the yellow emojis. Oh well.
  • Yeah, I'm much more interested in the animal and other things. Still waiting on the moose to be represented on phones.
  • Whine to a PETA socialist enough, you'll get one.  And you can marry it too.
  • Well, I don't want to marry a moose, but maybe I'll maniuplate those annoying hypocrites at PETA to my advantage and get a moosemoji protest started, haha.
  • Yaaas I want a Sam Winchester mojo
  • Ha! And I was expecting GI Jane with an AK47.
  • Aren't there other more serious problems the skype team can be working on? How many people will actually use these things, and how many people will actually go searching for an emoji of a women on a motorcycle. This is all so freaking stupid! Everybody needs to stop being so butt hurt about everything.
  • Aren't you the butthurt one? Sent from 5 Sim Lane, in Neighborhood 1.
  • I can be butt hurt if I want. It's called white privilege. lol Seriously though, I'm not butt hurt. Just tired about hearing all this crap day in and day out. People need to grow some skin before a civil war starts out.
  • These are nice...I guess. I'll be honest, I don't understand the point of special mojis like this but they're nice for people who care that deeply about the subject.
  • Because p.c.  
  • bbennett40 Yes indeed PC it's called Misandry, you probably won't find that word in the dictionary though, as feminists have tried to censor the word (among many others they find 'offensive' i.e. politically INcorrect) from our language, but it means the opposite of misogyny: The HATRED of MEN and anything 'male'... 
  • Why is it cool to pick a race or gender to celebrate?  I always have celebrated women... I don't need this PC crap and unfortunately it looks like what I feared when I was a kid has come true ... everyone is always special... except Straight White Males... we are apperentely complete jerks or something.
  • You're actually just already well-represented in pretty much everything that matters to most people. Complaining about something that doesn't affect you one way or the other makes you sound like a self entitled ****** bag.
  • I can't click links on the Wcentral uwp app... Is it only me? Sent from 5 Sim Lane, in Neighborhood 1.
  • Yes, cause you didn't just now.  Thanks for the info.
  • I didn't just now what?? I'm not sounding as though I'm entitled to anything, because I'm not entitled. Can't say the same for you. It's a problem for you that women get some emoji's...big f'ing deal.
  • No drop is responisble for the water spilling out of the bucket. People are sick of this constant femnist propganda thrown at them everyday. Most of us just want to get on with our lives but we keep getting this constant reminders of how good woman are and how terrible white men are. It's almost reach (germany during world war 2) level where white men can be comparible to Jews.
  • I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but for some reason I didn't expect the comments that I've read so far... This is a good thing! For the most part we live in a pretty patriarchal society whether or not you acknowledge it, there's a lot of misogyny out there in both obvious and non-obvious ways
  • The problem is, you're calling the solution to sexism more of it.
  • Patriarchal Society, is BS and a propaganda. But if clueless people like you believe this crap about patriarchal society, then you are part of the problem. the only ones that really try their wives like crap and worse than a dog (which are treated like cra to for being dirty animals) are not on western society (wait... unless goverment allows them to, like has happened on Europe, yeah of course, I forgot that). if you talk about western society the problem is less and less, but it's not a secret Emojis won't do any help and this pathiarchal society is more of an illusion clueless people like you have to complain about something because while it exist, just like I know wives that abuse their husbands or female to guys, it's not as you claim it to be. "pretty pathiarchal society" yeah right. give me a break.
  • The Europe problems ... remember, you have to accept everyone, even if they hate you.  Morons.
  • @Sunstorming Yes and now, we even have to accept other politically correct agendas even if the result is the end of freedom of speech, free trade and of our once thriving economy, such as the gloabal worming / climate change HOAX that everyone has swallowed hook, line and sinker; without questioning the wicked ideologies and the underlying, destructive agendas they are driving.
  • Hahahahahahahahaha..... wow
  • Yes, misogyny exists but so does misandry. It's healthier to acknowledge that the ills of society come from both genders instead of trying to throw it all on just one.
  • Windows central comments are a cesspool of late. Filled with sexist, racist comments every now and then.
    It seems that white and Indian males all feel an urge to comment on all stories that empower women and minorities. The inclusion of these emoji's doesn't even affect men at all, so why the **** must comments about misandry reverse-sexism etc even be made?
    The privileged feel oppressed when they have to share. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Hmm, best not to make assumptions about the races of the people who are complaining on this. I think the distaste you are seeing is more a reflection of the current state of the internet and people who have been burned by loudmouthed people who claim to want equality for all races, genders, and sexual orientations and then turn around in the same breath and throw out hatred towards the infamous "straight, white, male." To them, these emojis are just pandering to a group of people who are hypocritical and biased (not necessarily all females but the so-called SJWs on the internet). I'm not saying they're in the right but you are literally seeing cause and effect in action. For myself, I find most things like this which are "empowering" for women to be silly fluff. Cute but hardly world-changing and barely noteworthy. And this is coming from a female who is not white. Also, please don't throw out the word privilege. There are plenty of white men who have fallen on hard times in addition to minority groups.
  • Thank you ladydias, from a white male who HAS fallen on hard times. "Cute but hardly world-changing and barely noteworthy" Correct. I lost my livelihood thanks to another trendy lefty religion - the climate change HOAX. Our governement is in the process of destroying capitalism (industry which is all energy based) Soon everyone will suffer if they don't wake up to the SCAM that it is and reject it outright..
  • This is a case of misandry in the most obvious of ways. I like how you flipped it around though especially when woman are clearly being catered to.
  • What a bunch of BS piece of crap... at least it seems that the feminist will be complaining about something, there is a mother with a baby! so she is the loser of the group because she didn't abort and got a nice "career" And what is that pink hair one? a pathetic Social Justice Warrior? the ones that go and cry and complain at Milo Yiannopoulos event and say Bernie Sanders is the best because they don't know what they are talking about? Again, BS piece of crap BS feminist agenda push to everyone. why didn't they make the same set with male doing the same? oh wait, becuase that would be equality and feminist are not for equality, anyway, only idiots think females have less right than men. But this is obvious push by some feminist at Skype team who thought it was cool to have "powerful woman" but not men.
  • ^^^^ I wish I could upvote you more.  SJWs are morons.
  • Agreed.
  • Absolutely spot on! Thank you _Emi_ for having the gumption to stand up and confront this despicable ideology for what it raelly is... And Heaven help us if Hilary Clinton, the worl'd most vile femascist, becomes president. I'll say this now while free speech and criticism of feminsim and the left is still legal. 
  • That's awfully weird.
  • Microsoft should add Minecraft and Halo emojis to Skype to appeal to key demographics.
  • That would be awesome. To me emoji's should be more about fun versus making a statement.
  • Bloody hell, that woman's only been in charge of Insider for a day and look what's happened.
  • Ah well, it was a good run.
  • While I'm surprised at the amount of hate (mostly 3 persons with several comments tho, lol) this one made me laugh. :) Sent from 5 Sim Lane, in Neighborhood 1.
  • It's nice that there are more images of women doing cool things - "Power Women" seems a bit of an odd thing to name it, tho. *shrugs*
  • Yes, ordinary women do powerful things every day.
  • Yes, powerful things such as lobby the feminist fearing government for more draconian laws to demonize and criminalize MEN with severe over-the-top penalties, while thay can literally get away scott-free with making totally false allegations of serious crimes against men with impunity and call it 'equality'... And Heaven help ALL of us (yeah, including women / girls), if Hillary becomes President!
  • I like the one where the woman neglects her baby to play tennis and then netflix and chill
  • Sexism is a real issue. I applaud people like Malala Yousafzai, who fight for gender equality in countries where it doesn't exist. On the other hand, SJWs and armchair feminists who think they can fix things by rambling on about trivial, sometimes inexistent issues on the web, are just dumb. I think this comment section serves as proof that there are too many of the latter in the world. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • HAHAHAHAHA  you are hilarious, do you perform stand up somewhere?
  • I think the comments serve proof that there a lot of insecure males who like to ramble on about trivial things.
  • That's true as well.
  • Why work on fixing broken versions of skype when you can just release demographic emoji's for the working versions instead? Probably more fun that way
  • If I was to pay a visit to this silly, leftist fantasy world, I'd say it's sexist - where are Power Men, Power LGBTs, Power Poor African Children and 1000 other Power "Opressed Minorities"? But since I'm not American nor leftist, I simply don't care :)
  • They lost track.  No one knows anymore.
  • Pit GM Nor do THEY care
  • Amazing. There is one showing a woman holding a baby! Who'd a thunk?!
  • Yup.  Stereotyping.  Lovely.
  • I can't believe it took this long for some effort at equality.  Until now, on Skype for Business, there were (seemingly) 7 male figures and 1 female figure.  Seriously?!  How offensive!
  • Just think. If "Power men" were added without any "power women", it would be sexist. However, with just "power women" (I use speech marks because the name power women is ridiculous) it is completely ok in skype's eyes. This is the result of modern radical feminism in this current day. Women looking for superiority. I am not talking about all feminists, but there are some out there who behave like this, and it is those who are making the word feminism seem like trash.
  • Hear Hear, but only 1 thing wrong: ALL of them DO 'behave like this' and if Hilary, the world's most radical feminist, becomes president we're all doomed. Thank you Alexonix
  • Why is there no "Power men". If there would be only a "Power men" instead of a "power Woman" everyone would scream about how sexist it is. This is bullshit