Keeping you in the loop regarding all things Windows 10 Mobile, a newer version of the recently leaked Skype UWP Preview for Windows 10 Mobile has leaked onto XDA courtesy of a user called "snicker", with today's leak bumping the version number up to 11.6.56.

Update: Now even a newer version has been posted: 11.6.72, which is now live and available in the same thread. Once again, no new features outside of a few cosmetic changes, performance improvements, etc. but it should deliver a more rewarding experience.


This new version is much better in terms of design, with dark mode actually looking pretty good now. There are still a few oddities with how some UI elements look, however, but that's to be expected with internal app leaks. The hamburger now has a nice slide-in animation, and the app overall feels much more stable.

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Since this is a leaked app, installing it isn't as easy as downloading via the Windows Store. Not to worry, we've already written up a guide on how to install these leaked .appx files, so make sure you check that out if you're interested in grabbing this latest leak!