Skype Preview for Windows 10 Mobile is awesome, and you can install yourself

Skype has an all new version of the app headed to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile this summer. Built from the ground up using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) the app looks to bring a decent Skype experience finally to PCs and phones.

Over the last few weeks, my colleague at XDA Jeremy "snickler" Sinclair has been toying with a ripped appX version of the Skype Preview for Windows 10 Mobile. Last night, he finally got a working version of it that can be sideloaded to any Windows 10 Mobile device running Redstone (Insider Slow or Fast Ring; 10586 builds will not work). If you follow me on Twitter (@daniel_rubino) you may have seen me tweeting out some screenshots late last night.

Today, snickler has made the file available to all who want to try out over at XDA in a forum thread.

My first impressions? It's awesome, and it looks fantastic. Now, to be clear there are a few areas left that needs polishing and most importantly it does not yet make nor receive Skype calls at least on my device. So keep that in mind if you rely on Skype. For messaging, however, it works great.

How to Install

You can find the full directions and discussion over at XDA, but here is the short version. Remember, use this at your own risk. It is not recommended to sideload external files off the internet, but in this case, I can vouch for snickler and this file.

Before you get started you need to have your phone set to Developer Mode. To do that head to Settings > Updated & security > For Developers and enable Developer Mode.

  1. Download the appX file from Mega
  2. Open the file using File Explorer (double tap)
  3. Say yes to the prompt to install
  4. It may take up to a minute or more to install, and there will be no install dialog/progress bars during the process; it all happens in the background

Once it installs you should see Skype Preview in your app listing. It did replace my 8.1 Skype app. The sideloaded app can be uninstalled just by a long press and selecting uninstall like any other app.

Initial thoughts

Compared to Skype Preview for PC, which is officially available for those on the Insider PC Slow or Fast Ring, I have to say that this app is starting to look superb. Some quick considerations:

  1. It's fast and loads very quickly
  2. It's fluid with very little if any lag (tested on Lumia 950)
  3. The black background and colors look great; I think it looks better than the PC version
  4. The app is intuitive to use
  5. Notifications come in, but only the last one shows up in the Action Center; they are also not actionable yet.

Now, having said that seeing as I could not make nor receive calls explains one reason why this is not yet available! Also, notifications are not entirely fleshed out yet. But, overall, this is a great start and a huge improvement over the current 8.1 model, and it at least gives me hope for a much improve and finally a pure experience for those that use Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Finally, now that Skype is going to be a UWP that means we should see very frequent updates akin to how we get regular updates for Outlook Mail, Messaging, even Calculator gets updated at a bizarre pace. The change in development also means that deeper integration into the OS and even Cortana should be possible, opening up a whole new area for Skype experiences.

If you are on the Slow or Fast Ring Insider build for Windows 10 Mobile I say grab it, see what it's all about and enjoy. Snickler notes that over at XDA he will be updated the appX frequently as new updates come from Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft will eventually release this for all Insiders in the coming weeks making this adventure purely optional.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Cool that it's easier to sideload this now. WP Blog Italia (or similar ) had an Appx for it a while back but it was a very very early build of it. Few people posted pics and videos of that on Twitter but it wasn't close to this version
  • Windows Blog Italia that is. Been using their build since it leaked. Sent from my Lumia 830 on Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview
  • Sooo can I sideload apps and then turn off developer mode?Will those apps still work?
  • I believe so. Heck, you could probably leave Dev mode on.
  • I didn't need to enable developer mode and the file installed fine.
  • This cant be accident right? Viber, Messenger, Skype.. Now its your turn (Yes looking at you Facebook)
  • They say Windows Phone is dead (especially The Verge).... Now all this great apps coming... Strange to say the least
  • Well, its not a surprise because they announced it way back in 2015 that these apps will get revamped.
  • Actually, not in this case. Skype UWP was only announced in March. Previously, the plan was to put Skype into Messaging and keep the desktop app for more in-depth things. That all changed and they are reversing course with a UWP app. indeed, Microsoft is "all in" on UWP and as I understand all apps and services will be made into UWP now.
  • Are you saying Messaging integration we have now will be removed? Didn't know.
  • Messaging + Skype is gone from Redstone builds. From what I understand, Messaging will not be integrated at this time into Skype. Maybe that will change, but there is nothing suggesting that feature is here. It would be weird, frankly. The put Skype into Messaging and people did not like it. Now, people are asking to put Messaging into Skype. I am not convinced that these things should necessarily happen, but we'll see. Feedback Hub is where you tell them and vote.
  • Thanks for the reply. I hope they *finally* settle into a nice solution soon. I actually prefer one app solution like we have now on production build but the way they have is not very good with multiple notifications and stale unread msg counts, etc. Just confusing to average folks.
  • The problem is that skype requires data connection whilst messaging doesn't require data connection, remember data connection costs differs in each country.  If Ms had listened to people, skype would have been far far ahead of whatsapp.
  • Hallelujah
  • Daniel, any idea when that new standard might go live (the one with read receipts and typing status, etch.)?
  • From my opinion an integration of the two apps messaging and skype shouldn't be done and was a bad idea. But what they should do is integrate all messaging apps (like skype, whatsapp, fb messenger) to the History tab on each contact - at best with an easy api so every app developer can make that integration available.
  • Did they change their mind again ? They said the day they announced Skype UWP that sms would be integrated into it eventually :/ . 
  • that sms would be integrated into it eventually
    Yeah I recall WC posting a follow-up article after it was unveiled, referencing a MS blog post which strongly suggested this, don't get why it's supposedly going away again now.
  • Found it again : The mobile release of the Skype UWP Preview app will bring you features you’ve asked for—like group calling and more—while leveraging the benefits of the Skype integration into Windows 10 you previously experienced, like a single view of your SMS and Skype conversations. This way you get the best Skype experience possible and you can take it across your Windows devices.    
  • @Florian Yep, I think that was it:
    What’s next? Soon, we’ll be releasing the Skype UWP Preview app to your mobile devices. You may also have noticed that we removed the Skype integration in the Messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile to streamline and simplify your experience. The mobile release of the Skype UWP Preview app will bring you features you’ve asked for—like group calling and more—while leveraging the benefits of the Skype integration into Windows 10 you previously experienced, like a single view of your SMS and Skype conversations. This way you get the best Skype experience possible and you can take it across your Windows devices.
  • See, I think Microsoft misinterpreted the feedback. The messaging app with Skype was terrible and everybody rightly said so; BUT NOT BECAUSE IT HAD SKYPE IN IT. It was just terrible overall as an app. Android and iOS both have an integrated communication platform, and so should Windows. It makes no sense to have seperated these. I get that it doesn't really matter, because market share, or whatever else. But Messaging was directionally correct, and then they went and fixed the wrong aspect of it. So now, I get to jump around apps, at least until nobody is using Skype anymore, because why would they?... 
  • If they follow up with the plan mentioned above to include SMS in the Skype app, it looks like they could even kill the Messaging app altogether and the the Skype UWP will be the integrated communication platform you mentioned.  Doesn't get more integrated than the same app across all of your devices, handling all of you communication.
  • Considering the news from a few days ago (4 weeks after your comment), it looks like you were absolutely right!
  • The problem when you add an existing platform into your messenging app is people have already developed uses for it that may not translate so well into a mobile messaging platform. For me, the primary use for skype is to chat (aka complain) to a few fellow software developers about annoyances in programming languages, IDEs, Windows and tooling in general. As such, there's a lot of code getting pasted, a lot of screenshots and a lot of not overly important but often quite long text. None of this translates well to mobile and frankly when I'm not at in programmer mode, I don't really want to think about these things. So skype integration was just never a good fit for me. Facebook integration back in the day fit really well into how I used messaging. So I would like to see that come back - but there could be others who feel about it the way I feel about skype integration. To me, all messaging integration is to combat a single problem in SMS - the lack of Group Messaging. If everyone could just agree on a standard to extend SMS with just that feature I would be very happy.
  • I didn't liked idea of skype on messaging because it made it really unstable and sometimes if waited for new builds to send some SMS.
    In late Feb early March Messaging became pretty stable and I really enjoyed it and was sad when it was removed in favor of non-existing yet UWP and Old Skype app that crashes every time I'm trying to send picture. Will try this install today. I don't think it might be worse than old skype on my device now. :D
  • Well because of the changes that initially people didn't like, but later found out how its convenient for them. Now the removal of Skype integration (sadly) might even confuse my family that use W10M where they cant recieve and sent Skype messages anymore. Microsoft seems not so sure about their own approach. The Skype integration didn't even get matured enough, especially the PC apps that even now still looks alpha. Sent from Turing Machine
  • I Like the integration verry much. Wish I could put WhatsApp into Messaging. No need for sepperate app. So, I am sad...
  • Alot of us are buddy.
  • It is only a matter of time before Microsoft will change their minds and reintroduce Skype integration with Messaging.
  • Yep, what I meant is that I am not surprised when it comes to Microsoft apps. But I am with you on which you said previously "I dont install it unless its UWP". WP 8 apps are so slow and ugly compared to UWP.
  • Every Microsoft 1st party app will be UWP or converted with centennial to UWP? Makes sense, all the app updates increase awareness of the Windows store.
  • How to make a phone call to landline or cellphone? I can't find it anywhere.
  • I don't think you can do it at the moment in the preview. I REALLY hope they don't forget to put this back in, along with sending SMS (using your Skype credit)
  • Honestly, I feel like companies and/or organizations that set forth to do something, realizes that it's not working and/or is met with valid critism(s), stops, backtracks, and is man enough to reverse course for the better, do not get enough credit!  I think the silver lining with the Skype fiasco is that at least MS or the Skype team is fluid and willing to adjust on the fly.  Say what you want about Facebook, the one truly great thing about Facebook (I feel) is that they will implement something but if it's met with a lot of pushback, they have no qualms about adjusting and changing.  
  • Was curious, does this mean the messaging app will still be available when this lands or will this replace the messaging app?
  • Was curious, does this mean the messaging app will still be available when this lands or will this replace the messaging app?
  • You can say that again!
  • I too think they should have kept the integration into messaging. It works (mostly) fine for Apple with SMS + iMessage. Google has been back and forth on this subject too, though, and now they have released yet another messaging platform. I do think, however, that it is about time that we get a decent "modern" app replacement for the desktop app as well as a decent app on WP. So that is definitely the upside to this. Another upside is if we start to get other apps that can replace the default app for SMS, such as MySMS. So really, what I would have wanted is both options: Skype integration into the SMS app and a new UWP Skype with SMS, but obviously this would require more resources to develop. I agree that a Skype UWP app is much more valuable to have than integration of IM+SMS, which is probably why they settled on first making the Skype UWP app and then taking it from there. There is no saying that they couldn't eventually get to having both, it depends on feedback, I guess.
  • To be honest, they are biased. They don't use windows OS/ phone and the very first one to review it.
  • Windows PHone is dead! Long live Windows 10 (mobile)!
  • Now its your turn WhatsApp
  • Besides of the bad "iOS-Style"-Design of the new Whattsapp-App the new version is quite good. Just that the phone must be online to use the desktop-client, is a bit ... ******. I liked the old design more.
  • well messenger beta for mobile is out but not for all i couldnt get it. I care more for messenger than facebook because i want it to load fast and have that neat windows 10 UI not like the old one xD
  • The Facebook Messenger is still limited beta and still highly unstable and sluggish. Understandable why it has to be for limited set of users for now until it gets usable enough. It always crash mine just around a min. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Messenger (Beta) is public since last week. Go to MSPoweruser or WindowsBlogItalia and download the new app FROM STORE(they have link).
  • Messenger (Beta) is public since last week. Go to MSPoweruser or WindowsBlogItalia and download the new app FROM STORE(they have link).
  • Can you use sms in it as well?
  • This. The whole integration future was clear as mud when they announced skype was coming out of the messaging app proper.
  • The way Skype has been managed is utter chaos. Could have been a strong asset but turned out to be the opposite with much confusion and pain for users. Frankly I have never seen anything like this. Hard to believe the Skype head was even considered for the CEO role Nadella eventually won.
  • Agreed. They have done enough to maintain it as a viable platform, but just barely. They have tried their hardest to mess it up. They had an incredible rich app, with a deep user base, but basically have made 0 progress since like 2010. It is a huge shame. It is so hard to get anyone in the states to bother with Skype...
  • Lync brand was also messed up. Haven't heard once anybody using that 3 word replacement, most just use Lync as Skype would be misleading.
  • Haha, depends on how long you've been using it! The youngest people at my firm just call Skype for Business, Skype. I still accidentally call it Lync. Some people still call it Office Communicator, or OC
  • Totally agree. Skype has been a complete steaming pile for ages. They don't seem to have a clue what they're doing most of the time. They were right to rip it to shreds on Windows Weekly a couple months ago, saying that Nadella needed to step in and sort it out. I'm wth Brad Sams on this one, Skype is Redmonds iTunes.
  • No, straight up Skype experience. I do not know if this will take over Messaging, but my guess is at this point it will not.
  • This bums me out so bad. Maybe my use case is unique, but the problem I have is that at work, my company is on Windows 7. That means, if i want to be able to say, message my wife during the day from my PC, I have to use Skype. But now, she has to switch between apps in a way that doesn't really make sense when she's talking to me. And now our conversations aren't in one nice thread in the messaging app... Its really a bummer and I don't understand the flip-flopping on this. Honestly, I don't mind having a really nicely polished Skype app, but add messaging to it and make it Windows' iMessage! Oh, and throw some read receipts in there while you're at it. 
  • You must live in the stone ages if you still use sms/skype. Get WhatsApp already. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Get off your high horse. Majority of mobile phone users use SMS. Good luck using Whatsapp without internet. Sent from Turing Machine
  • What'sapp doesn't cover all of my needs. Most of my business contacts are on skype. WhatsApp, is used for family and friends.
  • I've also never seen any business partner using WA, even more often Facebook Messenger. With new Skype-Business, we're allready think about  shutting down our good old IRC-Server.
  • I, along with my entire family, all my friends, and coworkers are happily living in the stoneage with SMS/MMS. Why? Because it works for everyone, no matter what phone they have, no matter if they have data or not. There isn't a single other messaging platform on the planet that everyone uses, and frankly, I don't see that changing for at least a decade. The interest level isn't anywhere enough to move everyone to another single platform.
  • Hey Daniel, are you sure this isn't the wrong link? Keep installing it and all I see is Skype video, just like the one we already have with wp10 and how the file you linked is also named...
  • We shld have the option to integrate SMS into this new skype app. Just like google Hangouts & it's SMS app. I thought this was the plan
  • @Daniel Rubino "...but my guess is at this point it will not." 4/20/2016 (maybe they were high that day?): The mobile release of the Skype UWP Preview app will bring you features you’ve asked for—like group calling and more—while leveraging the benefits of the Skype integration into Windows 10 you previously experienced, like a single view of your SMS and Skype conversations. This way you get the best Skype experience possible and you can take it across your Windows devices.
  • Ah nvm. Didn't see anywhere that it's for Redstone only. My bad I think. Do you know if the issues that were created with the last updates are resolved? Haven't been away from fast ring before for so long but my 930 turned fully useless with the last updates so had to go with the release preview.. Damn it
  • Awesome.... Get it soon to the production ring
  • Have ro say, that does look sweet. Might have to increase my skype usage once that app is live.
  • Cool..can't wait for it to be in the Windows Store.
  • Download link?
  • Try reading the article.
  • Being a MEGA link I'll have to download it on my laptop first. From the screenshots it seems to be a more recent build than the one on PC store, any idea if it can be sideloaded on PC as well?
  • You can download the MEGA app and paste the link into it. Just did it np. :)
  • Why install the MEGA app to get a single file when I'm in front of my PC nearly all the time? I can just download the file on a desktop browser and then sideload it via FTP server. :) EDIT: Device portal is a neat alternative as well Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • Just sharing a method for those who may not be in front of a PC at the moment. (like me) Was very hassle free.
  • Yes, it contains x86, x64 and ARM, hence the size of the bundle :P
  • Installed here already. Had to reinstall it from the scratch to get notifications working tho ^^
  • No kidding about those calculator updates. Crazy.
  • Yep, 1+1 now = 2
  • Very disapointing that we lose the sms/skype integration.
  • I for one am glad they ditch it. Was nice to be able to chat with people through one app but it wasn't possible to see which skype contacts were online for example - horrible user experience. Maybe they manage to merge the two later, but right now this is probably the best way.
  • They could have added that feature. The integration made it. Now you'll have to jump back and forth from messaging to skype, and if you have a lot of skype contacts, that will be very irritating. For the first time in years, I'm truly considering trying something different. I've never used anything else but Windows. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • They said it's coming back.
  • Its not a released product yet, it is a work in progress.  Lets see what feature set will be when it is released.
  • Nice.
  • Windows phone is not Dead ...It is not dying.App gap is slowly fading away
  • I never agreed with the Windows Phone is dead narrative, but using a Microsoft app as an example is a terrible argument. Especially when this should have been available long ago.
  • In what way does an updated Skype app bridge the app chasm?
  • Not just skype but the whole windows store is growing day by day. Windows 10 Mobile
  • Can you finally delete a single conversation (not hiding) or a single contact (not blocking)? Skype is fckn ridiculous.
  • you are right. this "Future" drive me crazy with a lot of useles conversation in  the history list. Hope they will learn from others and alow us to delete every single conversation. 
  • Hopefully they will finally add a dial pad to call NON skype numbers. I have skype minutes and want to dial any phone number just as i can with the official skype app. These beta replacements they keep coming out with lack that for some reason...
  • Wow, this is incredibly snappy for a Skype app. I had zero expectations for this app and left very impressed. Also expected it to be glitchy since it's not released yet, but no problems so far. Notifications seem to be coming in right on time and there's no problem sending pictures. Seems ok to replace the skype app with this one full time.
  • Which phone are you using,I'm trying on spare Lumia on latest build 14356.1000 Sent from Lumia 950
  • Can anyone confirm if this works with MSN messenger contacts? The desktop preview does not send any messages to my contacts that only ever had MSN messenger accounts.  I have to use the desktop client to respond.  All messages are received and all looks well but when you send a message it just disappears.
  • Installed and can confirm, msn messenger contacts can't be messaged.  Boooo :(
  • Yeah, I'm gonna wait until it's released, at least as beta.
  • Unbelievable how long they are taking, Whatsapp is eating into thier IM market share.  They need to redo Skype for Business too.
  • Isn't the reason there was so much decoupling so they can already increase the update cadance of internal apps such as the Messaging app? Getting a little fragmented again and lost of focus I see. History does repeat itself. I definitely welcome this, but the previous Windows 8 app I thought was somewhat UWP but they let that crash and burn, said they'd move it to integrated experiences, then they bring out a new UWP app. Leaving windows 8.1 users  (desktop not phone) in the dust using crappy desktop versions.
  • I need actionable alerts in action center, I REALLY miss replying to skype texts in the alert itslef, right now opening skype and finding the conversation is a PITA and often the latest text doesn;t show up in skype.   I'm on fastring WP10 and was NOT happy when they decoupled skype from the messaging app, it worked great for me I don't know WTF people were complaining about.
  • I also don't know why people were complaining
    Sent from Lumia 950
  • To often i sent SMS instead of a skype message (SMS are expensive in my Contract, since i don't use them usually). I did not like the merge.
  • How about the fact that one couldn't tell which contacts were online through the Messaging + Skype app?  That one is basic.
  • That could be added just like everything else. We already don't have apps, and people constant complaints take features away. Talk about bare bones... How bare do we want this phone to be. No apps and almost no unique flavor. Let's see what we can brag about now. Oh live tiles and continuum. This platform is about as bland as it comes and the people aren't satisfied until this platform is for the elderly and feeble. Goodness!
  • The messaging with skype integration was quite literally my all time favourite thing on Windows phone. It arrived and made me actually use skype again after ignoring it for over a year and then after just a few months it was gone again. I can't wait till they bring it back. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • And it was convenient, now we will have to jump from app to app. Productive my a$$...
  • With half it's usefulness not working?  I'll wait for the real release.
  • Ready for the BofA app to show up...
  • I got it is amazing but in my phone this working wihtout developer mode I don't know why but I love ittrtttttttt
  • Unable to install on my Lumia 950 XL running the latest build 14356. I am receiving the error "Can't Install app - There's a problem with this app. Check the package, or contact the person who gave it to you for help." when I tap on the file in the file explorer. I have tried uninstalling the old skype app, restarting, verifying my build and that the device is in developer mode and even tried re-downloading the app package. Any other ideas?
  • Working here, both PC and Mobile latest builds. Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • I have the same issues at Lumia 640 XL Dual Sim 14356.1000. I need Turok at Xbox one.Plz.
    Posted from a T-Rex.
  • Why the hell microsoft released official w10m 10586 if no app can work with it...everything is coming soon.
  • After installing and uninstalling this app I can't install the Skype app from the Store. I will appreciate any suggestion on a workaround!
  • Same here only i wasn;t able to get the preview installed. Not after trying and unistalling Skype, It won;t re-download from the Store anymore. I get error code 0x80240024  
  • me too !!!! any help ???
  • When this update is coming for current windows 10 mobile build.? I tried to update but still not getting it.
  • Actionable notifications should be one of their next priorities
  • Hands on video please!
  • Guys how can we download the .appx of any app? Like we used to do with WP8.1 from the store to install offline apps
  • Well integration will never happen again. This sucks! Just have to find a way to contact everyone outside of skype.
  • The main advantage to the integration for me was being able to just have a single badge space taken up on glance/lock screen, other than that I prefer the separate app. At the moment I can't really fit all my essential notifications onto glance (Calls, SMS, Email, Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger for main social group) Wish we would add another 1 or 2 there as there is room, or have the option to group together multiple apps and see a badge count of all notifications on any of those apps.
  • The thought of the second app makes me cringe. At least give a choice. You can never go wrong when your consumers have a choice.
  • Just wish they would update the skype for business app on windows 10 mobile its def lacking
  • Definitely is and lately I keep seeing the intro screen every time I launch the app. I don't think the store app even got rebranded to Skype for Business on PC/Tablet it's just Lync still
  • So after five years of rewrites and no major forward progress, we're finally getting a good version of the app! Hopefully this is fully-fleshed and stable by the time the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released to the general public.
  • Hope it has group video calls on its official launch too like the other mobile platforms. I completely get why they didn't put the effort in to add it to the WP 8.1 app but it's important they get this in Windows 10 before dropping the "Preview" from the name IMO
  • Got through on my spare Lumia 640 on latest build,I had to double tap really fast then I prompted for install,it was just coming up with blank screen then disappear,for anyone who may have same issue
  • Glad to hear the dark theme is better than on PC so far. When they show their logo, like in the introduction screen they really need to keep the "S" white rather than the background colour. It looks naff as it is. I hope they either make dark theme way better (across devices) or add the option to override it to White on PC and Mobile
  • For me, just like the Messaging+Skype integration this app constantly alerts me to messages even when I have them open on the desktop client and i'm focused on that message window.  It seems unncessary as the older app wouldn't give me a toast alert if i was actually engaged in the conversations via the desktop client.  While it doesn't seem to use the amount of battery the Messaging+Skype app used, all the alerts turning on the screen and vibrating will definitely use more.  I've tried turning off the banner notifications to see how that goes. As well, it does not provide an option for a Skype notification icon on the lock screen, which is the same as the FB messaging beta.   So I have 2 updated apps that don't provide inline response, both constantly alert me to messages I have open on the desktop client.  Hey, at least they look pretty and appear to be faster and smoother.
  • It's in beta,better will come bro Sent from Lumia 950
  • Heh it's not even technically beta yet but I hear what your saying :)  The desktop preview hasn't been able to message MSN Messenger contacts since it's been available for insiders. I also really don't want to have to basically disable all notifications when I get to work just to not have my phone blowing up while I'm using Skype. Off to the feedback app I go.
  • This build is awesome. Working fast on my Lumia 650
  • Hey man, I'm about to get a new phone and Lumia 650 looks good in design, but how's the performance of the phone? Should I buy Lumia 640xl or 650? What do you think?
  • Guys viber has got deeply integrated in windows people app now you can call over internet, video call or chat directly from contacts
  • I can install myself on my phone? Cool!
    But will I survive if I *uninstall* myself? Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • "cant install app
    There's a problem with this app check the package or contact the person who gave it to you for help..."
  • so they tried to bake skype into the messaging app, that failed. I wonder if they would do something akin to hangouts on android and bake messaging into the skype uwp... i would use that, its not like sms/mms messaging change often
  • I cant insall it? I download it to my phone, look for it in the file explorer, click on it, confirm that I want to instal it, and yet nothing happens??? What am I doing wrong?
  • Nothing. Its installing on background. Check skype replaced by Skype preview Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on L1520
  • still nothing happened... 
  • Try a second time. Worked for me.
  • i was with "windows phone" for 4 years and now with "android" only because there some thinkgs to fix and you guys are so slow. Try to be as other O.S and i'll come back in Windows phone. PLEASE!
  • lol if dan himself considers this thing "awesome" maybe the old skype team is gone for god
  • FINALLY. Maybe now I can get over the lack of Skype integration in Messaging.
  • I have sideloaded and must say I really like it, compared to the dark version of old app it is streets ahead !!!
  • Its not installing for me :\
  • what build?
  • stuck in 10586.318. Why stuck? here:
  • Skype now looks sexy ^^, can anyone please tell me which Lumia is that on the picture?
  • Once installed, will it do automatic store updates going forward?
  • Doesn't look like it. Not sure. I asked that question.
  • yeh the app looks fantastic sure but theres a issue i have a prety big one.  People didnt like built in skype cause it was built very badly very lazily.  Even on a official the latest build and susiquent official builds previously my messaging app can not send pics or videos, it just doesnt have that capability.  Sskype built in has no shame monitor mode, no audiio or video settings that alow you to check change and tweek with your computers camera or audio.  You cant move the small picture around or even resize it  when in video and if your on a single monitor then yes you also cant see who your talking too with the old app skype overlay.  Hell this built in skype was so badly done that every time someone calls they showed up on notifications so you end up with 30 of one name all single lines and so on.  Skype in windows 10 built in was and is still a joke bvecause microsoft didnt do it even 10% right.  People want built in skype but most people i know still use the app because windows 10 built in skype is lacking so so so much its not even close to being anything serious.  Now when someone calls me on skype i love windows 10 skype notification call and love using it for ansering, i dont need to open skype casue its part of windows 10.  Hellp thats iof the call works cause 1 out of every 3 times i have to and so do most friends, disconect and recall.  all of us want a built in skype but apart from me the rest of the p[eople i know continue to use the app cause microsoft didnt really build skype into windows 10, they just put in video and voice that works sometimes and nothing else. Ofc people will love this app and ofc they will prefere it but to me its like lumia 950, a phonree that ifnored its past designs, ignored the reviewers and customers online that all said the lumia 930 was in the right direction.  SKYPE NEEDS TO BE INTERGRATED PROPERLY MICROSOFT.  Again i cant send a picture or a vid using message on skype on windows 10 cause the arrow is just greyed out lol.  Oh yeh if you try built in messageing dont exit it why in a skype call cause youll loose video and sound lol.   Soz but it makes me angry knowing alot of people want and have always wanted built in skype and what we got was dsome lazy ass piece or rubbish.  And yeh i love windows 10 desktop and mobile but come on.
  • sKype on phone and built in only the messaging side sucks.
  • It doesn't suck for me
  • ANyone tried it yet? Is there finally a transparent live tile???? I'm on production preview 338, si I'll have to wait till it comes officially out, but it looks very good.
    I definitely prefer standalone Skype app to the Messaging option, whcih was totally confusing and did not play well with me as a Skype Number user. This UWP app is the best of both worlds - standalone, yet it finally has chat bubbles as the messaging app making it easier to see who has posted what. Unlike the current Skype app. This is great news!  
  • Current Skype is slow and really suck at using BT keyboards... I've been waiting for UWP for quite some time now. We need this on Release Preview!!!
  • Why again are they using completely different iconography compared to the rest of Windows 10? smh ... Oh well. At least it looks good and performs well apparently
  • What guarantee is there that there's no injected nasties in this 'ripped' app that can be sideloaded (ie, bypasing WIndows Phone's security)? Just bcause Mr Rubino and 'snickler' are friends doesn't mean the app is safe. Daniel, can you now recommend a reliable antivirus app for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Sideloading apps that bypass security mechanisms isn't wise, after all, is it?
  • Does it allow you to log in to skype with an account other that the phone/computer's account? I tried to use the preview in Windows 10 and couldn’t find a way to switch accounts
  • Tried it, uninstalled it and now I can't install Skype. Error: 0x80240024    
  • Same Here Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on L1520
  • I posted about that here.
  • Reinstalling the new app makes call!!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on L1520
  • Did you fix the Skype reinstall issue?
  • No,doesn't work.But reinstalling the new app works fine and is really fast in receiving calls
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on L1520
  • built in skype integration or UWP skype :(
    it is blowing my mind:/
  • When will be able to log in with Skype account instead of Windows ID? Also transperant tile?
  • I hope this supports sms and replaces the messaging app for consolidation
  • When it is going to release??
  • in the summer  no date given yet 
  • I like it a lot. Its sharp and works great for me.
  • Fantastic mann..
  • Can we side load android apps as well?Heard they abort the project.
  • Won't install for me on .338 I tried Dev mode and not, from the memory and storage card, tried multiple times saying install and waiting a long time, rebooting, trying again. Tried with regular Skype installed and not installed. Nothing :/
  • It works with Redstone only. Yes you can switch back
  • Yes you can switch back b but it works with Redstone alone
  • I'm rocking it now very fast and fluid fantastic app 1520
  • i use my phone like a micro tablet now its a 640xl so i dont want it on preview. i will keep useing the curent skype app that works just fine.
  • Should we download this after uninstall the old skype?
  • Am I the only person who's not able to install it? The install dialog box appears and the screen goes blank for a few seconds and nothing really happens or installs. Using a Lumia 640 XL by the way ~
  • Not alone me 2 bro same problem, but fixed when I restart my device.
    Send From L830
  • Also have 640xl. This app worked well for me until I had to reinstall W10 three months ago. When I tried to install Skype Preview again, it only got part of the way through. Now I have eternal message that says it couldn't install Skype Preview. Can't find way to completely uninstall so that it stops bothering me.
  • Looking forward to this!
  • How about few features like group video chat.
  • whatsapp all the way!
  • I tried to download the file from 'Mega' site twice, but failed every time- once at 73% & another at 99%. However those incompletely downloaded fies consumed my phone memory & I can't even delet them since they don't show up in the file can I regain that memory & should I try for more times...
  • So I received a call in the car today and noticed that it doesn't ring through Bluetooth like the old WP app did. Also notifications aren't showing up in action center despite having the settings checked for it. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • i dont know anybody said this or not.. skype UWP Preview is sh*tty.. you cant unblock, blocked contacts, cant send request to new people to add, and worst.. "Enter" sends the message rather than shifting to new line.. it really s**ks