Skype for Windows bug causing messages to appear out of order

If you're experiencing a bug with the latest version of Skype for Windows, version, that causes your messages to be displayed out of order, you're not alone. A community manager on the Skype forums has acknowledged that this is a known bug in the latest version, and the only workaround for now is to downgrade to a previous version. From Claudis on the Skype forums:

This is unfortunately a known problem for some users of Skype for Windows with the very latest version - As a temporary workaround while we are working on an updated version with a fix please download and install the previous version here:

This is quite the annoying bug if you've experienced it, and it's pretty unfortunate that the only fix for now is to downgrade. Hopefully Microsoft is able to patch this up and ship out a fix soon, but for now, it looks like installing a previous version is your only solution.

Source: Skype Forums (opens in new tab); Via:

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  • Microsoft is just has bad as VMware with bugs in updates anymore...
  • Lol, true! This is only one reason why I hate auto update on apps.
  • You're all whiners. Skype is build by humans not God! Geesh. Everyone do make errors sometime.
  • You're horribly misunderstanding something about programming
  • This problem exists from 2012. You cant accept the fact that skype team is just monkeys, degradants unable to produce any quality decisions for years.
  • You could say that Skype is ... *lowers shades onto face* ... out of order.
  • Lol
  • Bug on Skype for Windows?? Then update will come out early next year :)
  • Coming soon
  • I'm still waiting for an update that will make the Skype app on WP to work reliable and fast. Not to mention the update to fix Messaging and Skype app so that my old skype groups work on the app.
  • Skype on WP8.1 = disaster.
    Skype on W10M = even more of a disaster
  • Oh microsoft
  • It will be like , Boy : Me too
    Girl : I Love you darling
  • Lol
  • After hard reset the messages and contacts take FOREVER to show up
  • The first time or every time? (Hey, WC, you might want to check that "first" filter. "First time or every time?" is a prohibited comment.)
  • Skype the problem child, unfortunately there is no replacement!
  • Would have been found in qa but everyone on the Skype team uses iPhone's so we missed it.. Our bad Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why do iPhone's matter?
  • The product works, unlike w10m.
  • Mostly, cause is expensive! Secondly, cause is expensive! And yes, is expensive. People are, sadly, snobs so, if someone tells them that is premium and calls richness, they will buy, and this is what Steve (rip) has learned. He was the best in marketing ever existed. Is not like if windows 7 would have started with that ugly interface on 100 dollar phones, will have ever gain traction working the same (cause let's be real, wp 7 and 8 were fast, verry fast). Allot of people say, well ios, works. Yeah, now it works, mostly. At their release it had allot of problems, no store and full of missing things a real smartphone was able to do at the time. Hack, ios became smartphone os with the iphone 6 release, before? No, that's not a smartphone. To install apps is simply not enough for a device to become smart. Anyway even now it has problems, the biggest one is the lack of freedom and functions, battery sucks big time also! So is not all green on apple side. But they, some how, thanks to Steve, have managed to hide the frustration with the fealling of: Well, it has some problems but it's the best, their is none out there that is better, so if this one works like this, others will be crappyer. Most of this people will never try something else. The sadest part though, is that ms also protects that platform cause they are making money out of the sales (yea, it's all about money!) Ms has helped apple sorry ***** since ever. And their is one reason for that, a reason allot of apple fans and ms fans don't get: Money. What fanboys don't get is also the fact that this two companys are working together since 1995 or maybe even before. They do not fight and sue eachother, and probably they will never do it. Why they work together? Well. Money!!! Is the answer for everything;).
  • That's a partial reason. It in fact is premium because it works well Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Skype on WP8.0 got fast only after WP8.1 launched, funny enough.
  • Skype on ippone is quite unusable (lot of bugs)
  • Interesting
  • Skype has been full of bugs. Sometimes the w10 integration doesn't ring and make me miss calls
  • I hope they fix the mess a.s.a.p.
  • How hard is it to make a messaging app like this? Are all others just as bad or is Microsoft just spiraling into the deep?
  • Still don't understand why Skype messaging didn't work as reliable as FB messenger or Telegram or WhatsApp
  • Exactly. I have no insight on the skype code but I fail to understand how complicated can it be that it's continuously a mess on most platforms. They should probably a cleaning and cut not-core features /simplify the code so that those that remain work well and reliably!
  • Skype is great on iOS, Android, desktop (except for this bug now) and OSX. It's only a mess on WP8.1 and even more so on W10M
  • It's a mess because of how Skype was originally built (pre-Microsoft). Microsoft patched it up to make it more reliable and fault tolerant as the number of users increased, while at the same time integrating with the Microsoft Account system. It's generally always been kind of a mess.
  • Guys please vote for this on uservoice:
  • Please read this:
  • I'm still perplexed that the skype app isn't in the windows store already. It's not like the phone and messaging apps are ready to replace skype for even consumers much less for enterprise so why are we still forced to download an exe. Microsoft isn't being clear about their business model and needs to start being more adamant about pushing quality universal apps especially for their own services. These kinds of issues would be much more easily fixed too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • skype on wp too.. when I sent a msg, characters are still on line. not disappear. Disappoint about MS
  • skype is shame of Microsoft. The worst among the others like Viber, Imo, has always bugs. It works little better in Android and iOS. I am shameless so use windows phone and skype
  • You haven't used Skype for Business. It's the worst.
  • I use Skype for Business everyday. It functions just fine. I haven't encountered any bugs with it.
  • Terrible on Windows Phone. You can check the reviews from others. Messages don't come through or sometimes you can see in notification center but not in the app itself.
  • We use it constantly in our large enterprise. Works just fine. Maybe because we don't have mobile functionality enabled on the servers. I can't say I miss that at all. If someone needs me they can email. If something needs immediate attention, the relevant people and systems know my cell to call/text me.
  • Why my skype video call is very blurry and the quality of the video is terrible since first day i use it.? Im using lumia 532 .
  • Let me guess, iOS and Android users are fine...
  • Well, Windows Phone users should be, too.
  • Why do they have a Win32 and a modern app for Skype? I thought they were planning to kill Win32.
  • Partly for legacy reasons because too many people are on older versions of Windows to make cancelling the Win32 version a sensible decision. And anyway, Win32 is going to stay around for a very long time.
  • That sucks.
  • Why's that?
  • They killed the metro app.
  • Touch experience of Skype on the Surface Pro is also really bad. Double-tap doesn't really work to open conversation windows neither with pen nor fingertap.
  • I think a journalist should always do some research, the mans name is Claudius, I know it's only one letter but how would you like to be called AN. Also this bug has been on the go on the Skype community pages for more than a week.
  • Or its a typo.
  • I begin to revaluate Ballmer....
  • Should just bring back MSN messaging. It always worked. No, ms had to get stupid Skype that sucked balls then and sucks even bigger ones now
  • Seems QA is suffering across all Microsoft products now. Where are the days where you could actually trust a Microsoft update not to completely screw you over.
  • Skype was great before MS bought it...
  • Looks like nobody use Skype everyday I am facing those problems since the day 24 yesterday reinstalled the Skype but an older version, how come nobody noticed that and did an report? Good question no
  • Who is still using skype ? Skype got deleted as soon discord was a thing :3 no bugs, no connectivity issues , a ui that works, no performance issues and chatrooms and free servers ect. GET DISCORD GUYS !
  • Opening the windows 10 messenger app showed my messages in the right order so I'm just using it instead for now on my PC.