Slack for Windows desktop nabs a minor bug-fixing update

Slack, the popular private chat and collaboration app used by many businesses and organizations around the globe, has pushed out a minor bug-fixing update to its Windows app today, making things a tad faster and patching up some memory issues.

Here's a breakdown of what's fixed in Slack 1.1.4, along with its wonderful song-inspired subtitle (points if you guess the artist without looking it up):

Slack 1.1.4 (Swim To The Moon)

  • Fixed: Switching teams is a tad faster, and comes with 28.6% more Snappiness™.
  • Fixed: A vampiric bug that would leech away your memory, causing the app to degrade over time.
  • Fixed: We'll (carefully) upgrade everyone to the 64-bit release, except for those still on 32-bit machines.

And there you have it. Slack is now a bit snappier and less leaky. If you're a Slack user, the update should be available to download now.

Source: Slack

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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