Slingbox Pro to go HD

We suppose this sort of falls into the “it was inevitable” camp, but our favorite method for streaming media to our WinMo gadgets, Slingbox, will be getting an upgrade to HD. The details show they're not screwing around. Here's the info, with “not screwing around” parts in bold:

Slingbox PRO-HD includes multiple inputs and outputs, including digital audio and a digital (ATSC/QAM) tuner. Not only will the Slingbox PRO-HD stream up to 1080i content and 5.1 surround within the home to a computer, it can also be used to ship high-def material to another HDTV via our forthcoming SlingCatcher. In addition, the lucky ones with super highspeed broadband connectivity, such as FiOS, will get similar HD quality streaming to remote locations. Slingbox PRO-HD is slated for a Q3 release @ $399.99 (USD).

In other words, this Slingbox Pro HD will not only do what t'other Slingboxen have always done, it will also help let you watch your HD content on other televisions without paying for extra cable or satellite boxes. Nice.

Slingbox will hopefully be showing this (and a dirty dirty BlackBerry client) at CES in Las Vegas next week (yep, we'll be there, as if you doubted it).

WC Staff