Create slow motion videos with Slowly for Windows Phone 8.1

We’re happy to see more video editing apps pop up for Windows Phone 8.1. Today, Slowly has been released to help you add slow motion effects to your videos. You can add multiple slow-motion regions and change the speed of every region of the clip. Select from 50%, 40%, and 25%. Want to see it in action? Head past the break to watch our hands-on video.

When you open Slowly, click the plus button to select one of your video clips. The clip will be displayed in slow motion by default, but you can set start and end points for only certain parts to be in slow motion. Slowly works both in portrait or landscape view.

Parts that are in regular speed are highlighted gray, while parts in slow motion are highlighted in your phone’s accent color. You can drag the playback control to fine-tune your start and end points.

You can change the speeds of the regions in slow motion. Move your playback control to that part of the clip and then select one of the speed options:

  • Slow 50%
  • Slower 40%
  • Slowest 25%

Once you’re happy with the video, click next. Slowly will render the video and save it within the Slowly folder in your photo album. You can also share the clip by email, Facebook, OneDrive, and more.

There’s one thing that users should keep in mind while playing with slow motion. Your devices are most likely recording videos at 30 frames per second or less. Making the clips 50%, 40%, or 25% slower will result in choppy videos. These slow-motion effects will look a lot better if your devices can shoot videos that are at least 60 frames per second.

Slowly is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. The ability to save projects is expected in an update. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Via: Windows Blog Italia

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • What devices record at 60 frames per second?
  • None...? Maybe we can get that in blue?
  • WP8.1 is Blue.. Lol❕ .. I think you mean WP "Threshold".....
    I know, whatever... But, lets not forget about threshold, and what that might bring...
  • Blue is the code name for the Nokia firmware update coming with 8.1.
  • No, blue was FIRST MS's codename for WP8.1, and W8.1 if I'm not mistaken on the later... Although, you may be right in the fact that he is talking about the "Cyan" update that is to come... It's just easier to refer to Nokias upcoming update as Cyan to avoid confusion...
  • Meant cyan...
  • Cyan, Blue, whatever... Don't you hate when people gotta get all technical.... Lol!
  • By "technical", you mean accurate?
  • Or accurate.. See, you're being technical, or accurate, or... Whatever.. Lol!
  • i thought this was a hardware limitation? :/ or isn't it?
  • I don't know, but it seems like a software limitation. Camera sensors are there, acquiring images for the movie. If your hardware can only support a 1080p @ 30 fps bandwitdh (say 20 mbps) then logically you should get 720p @ 60 fps only messing with software. But I don't know anything, just guessing.
  • The Galaxy S5 can shoot 120 fps
  • The iPhone can also shoot in 60fps too and they have nice slo mo apps like SloPro, hopefully the new Windows Phones can have a 60 or 120fps capabilities. Another thing that would be nice if we could export these to like Instagram or something! 
  • But the GS5 fails like crazy lol
  • None that I know of unless Nokia unlocks something with the Blue firmware update. I'm hoping that in six months, when we finally DO get the option to buy a phone with hardware that isn't nearly two years old, it will include high frame rate video recording. Here is hoping for 240 fps video.
  • None of the WPs have two year old hardware nor did they have it upon release.
  • Were are getting a redesigned Nokia creative studio in the summer, maybe it will take slo-mo vids?
  • Thats great,now i just need a video converter :D
  • Is this available on iDroid❔
  • That's my third video editing app. Thanks for share Mark! Downloading now...
  • Movie moments, slowly and what?
  • Movie Maker
  • Yup!
    Combining these three, great videos can be made!
  • Movie make also produces slow motion videos,no?
  • This would be even better if Rudy updated his 6tag app so it can import and upload videos
  • +1520
  • +928
  • Geez, just good apps for WP8.1...and is a beta.  
  • This stuff wont look good at all at 30fps, hopefully the new hardware coming out can help with this
  • Agreed
  • Kinda useless app when my L925 can only shoot 30fps. Would it be a matter of hardware or software to enable a phone to shoot 60+fps?
  • + 920
  • I would like this to be implemented in our camera app, to be part of system like in IOS 7..
  • Nokia needs to update Glance so it doesn't end up upside down after using video editing apps in WP8.1.
  • Nokia Cyan.
  • I have been waiting for this forever(since I thank a Windows phone)
  • Seems slower
  • Ha!
  • Winner!
  • But needs to be faster, like 60fps.
  • All these apps for WP8.1 which most don't have yet I can see a lot of rebroadcast of current articles when it does go live.
  • Won't lemme install it
  • So what's the point in downloading this if none of us can shoot at 60fps?
  • There isn't any unfortunately...
    I really, really want 60fps..or 45fps - any kind of increase in frame rate would be good. Even if it meant dropping down to 720p.
  • +925
  • Another good idea I can't get to use, the app doesn't make any sense, nor help you
  • Descargando.... HTC 8X
  • Yep, good point.  An app for devices that can't actually make good use of it.  We likely won't see any 60fps or greater until next year, sad to say.
  • Works ok, little choppy, mobiplayer works better.
  • Doesn't Movie Maker 8.1 have slo mo effects built into the app?
  • Too choppy
  • Not that good when compared to the iPhone ones
  • What kind of dog is that Mark?
    Ours looks exactly the same and is a mix of Dachshund and Boxer. I have never seen a dog like ours until I saw your video.
  • We adopted our dog from a shelter. Documents say he's a mastiff mix. I'm thinking bullmastiff.
  • I cant find it in the store
  • type slowly in windows phone 8.1 store you will find this slowly app.Its name is slowly there is not mention.
  • I would be happier if there was also a sharing option for youtube. Actually a must for video apps i.m.h.o.
  • this is nice app but need improvement to make fast,smooth & have better options. 
  • I almost....aaaalmost gave up unlimited data for the Lumia Icon. I just don't think it's worth it. Whats the point of having blazing fast LTE if i can only use a little bit of it every month? i'll wait until i can afford it outright or find it on Craigslist or eBay...oh well.... :( Maybe i'll win one of those contests from Nokia. Heres to hoping! 
  • Hmm, crashes on my 1520 when trying to load a video... Most apps seems to crash when using full res stuff from the 1520. At least for me. 6tag, facebook beta, aviary and others :(
  • I hate that every app has to specalize in one area. Why can't we just get one video editing app that does it all?
  • Movie Maker can do that. Are there any other effects that we can use on our videos instead of just slowing it down?
  • This app ain't even worth downloading....
  • The lumia 1520 has the same hardware as most droids shooting at 120fps so its clearly a software limitation, the same applies to Lumia 9xx we can at least get 60fps @720p with current tech like snapdragon s4, hope Nokia or Microsoft decide to do something about it sooner than later
  • no point slowing down 30fps video really.
  • Wish to have implemented to the camera b but no need additional apps to take care of these functions.
  • will this app be availeble for lumia 1020??