Snap2Face for Windows Mobile: A Better Facebook App?


If FreindMobilizer isn

WC Staff
  • why do all these programs require a proxy server. I really dont want to give them access to all the information that is my facebook profile.
  • much better than friend mobilizer
    anything on facebook is essentially public anyways like any other social network. Dont put anything up you wouldnt want anyone to see, its as easy as that
  • sort of, my profile is relatively locked down. And one can go even farther, to have people who are not your friends not even turn you up in a search.
  • facebook staff still have access to all of your information. This is of little difference trusting a company not to expose private information. theyve been around for a while theyre not out to get your info.
  • True, about facebook (and have heard stories of people inside abusing it). However, I would still like to limit my exposure. Don't see why people can't reverse engineer how the palm client works and just use the same interfaces.
  • seems I was wrong, palm's app also goes the facebook application route.
  • Very good article. I was recently blogging on The Netflix Prize, which deals with the quality of the recommendation. However, conclusions are drawn primarily off of user ratings. People don't seem to bother rating on facebook, I know I don't. I wonder what correlations exist there...