Sneak Peek: CarbonWP Twitter client for Windows Phone

If you've followed webOS at all, you'll know of a very popular Twitter client on that platform called Carbon. The developers of that spectacular app have ported it over to Windows Phone, now called CarbonWP, and it's nearly ready for release to the Marketplace. Actually, to say this is a port is not correct as the devs have taken months to work on taking advantage of all of Mango's abilities and really make this a Metro-Twitter app. We've seen it grow from early alpha-release to today and it's been a fun ride.

We've got our hands on the release candidate (RC1) and take it for a spin. Our thoughts? It's good, damn good. These guys are coming out swinging on v1.0 with a full-featured client that is exceptionally smooth and offers a lot of desired functionality, especially if you have multiple accounts. It's fast, fluid and smart. Will it be for everyone? Nope. Twitter clients are very personal choices, but we like what we see from these guys.

Peep after the break for the full list of features, watch the video to see it in action and gander at the pics to get an idea if this is something you'll want when released. We think it'll be a hit in the Marketplace. You?

From their media-release:

The Idea

Carbon's not an app, but an experience that covers all of the Twitter in one-screen. That's all it is. Once screen to give you access to all of your Tweets and Timelines. From Timeline to Mentions & Direct Messages, to your Retweets and Saved Searches and even Lists, from Trends to Search & even Your own Profile. All on one Screen w/o drilling down and keeping on pressing back and taps.

WP7 Integration

We didn't want to be just another Twitter app on Windows Phone platform. Carbon is meant to work as if it came with the phone. It was tough to do that seeing Mango update sporting some Twitter goodies. Now, we had to beat that and that's when Compose Tile was born. One tap on Carbon's Compose Tile and you get to composing a Tweet, as opposed to Two Taps in your Me tile to Tweet. Live Tiles don't go only that far. We've implemented a Search tile as well. Say you follow a search term or a #hashtag? You can pin a #wp7dev tile on your home screen and with a tap on that tile you load the search.

Background updates, Toasts, and Notifications Live Tiles. All there. And if you are a user with multiple accounts that you handle, you're gonna' fall in love with Carbon tiles! Check'em out!

Quick Reply

Twitter is all about context and conversations, you can tap on a tweet to view its entities and apply actions such as reply, quote, retweet or adding it to your favorites. Apart from the context menu that you get upon tap+holding on a tweet we have new simple double-tap gesture that loads the Quick Reply dialog to quickly reply to your friends on Twitter.


To realize the access to all of the Twitter all on one screen we've added a special Pivot to the timelines on the home screen. Our swiss-army timeline "QuickLine". On QuickLine you can view all of the timelines from your own Lists to Lists you Follow, Retweets, and even Saved Searches. All on onte Pivot for fast and easy access.

Timelines Icons

Tweets have indicators of the content that they carry with them for ease of skimming through tweets. So, if a tweet has an image link included or a video, or it is geo-tagged or even if it's a reply to another tweet, we indicate it with special icon for each type.

Tweet Screen

Upon viewing a tweet we load all of its goodies in an HD style to show you high-res imagery w/o the need to tap on any buttons or thumbnail and show you previews of Youtube videos that you're about to view. Apart from all that, you'll have access to the User who posted the tweet right on the same Screen only a swipe away on the right. Conversation? It's just a swipe away on the same screen.


  •     Unique signature "Carbon" UI & Design.
  •     QuickLine(Swiss Army Timeline for all your Timeline browsing)
  •     Threaded Direct Messages
  •     Timeline Tweet Indicators(Icons for Media & Tweet Entities)
  •     Hi-Res Image Previews for almost every Image service that supports direct previews
  •     Video Previews
  •     Retweeters View
  •     Compose Tile
  •     Search/Hashtag Tile
  •     Background Updates: Notifications & Live Tiles
  •     Quick Reply Gesture(double-tap)
  •     Quick Actions Gesture(tap+hold)
  •     Tweet From, let's you choose which account to Tweet from if you have more than one account
  •     Three different styles for Quoting Tweets. RT, "Quotes", and via @username
  •     Internal Browser(Could use IE if set in Preferences)
  •     Image Upload to NATIVE Twitter, Twitpic, and YFrog
  •     URL Shortening: Twitter,, Pro, and
  •     Read Later: Instapaper & Read It Later
  •     Translate Tweets
  •     Copy Tweets, share Tweets by Email or SMS
  •     Go To Tweep, to directly go to a user's profile
  •     Username autocomplete on Compose Screen
Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks great!
  • Ugh, that HUGE FONT above (Timeline, Mentions, etc) taking up precious screen real estate kills it for me. So many Twitter apps for WP7 do that too. Seriously, only being able to see 2-3 Tweets on the page is simply not productive at all. There's zero reason why the above font needs to be that big.
    Not to name drop, but they should really take some notes from Mehdoh & its minimal timeline, while still looking like a WP7 app.
  • Fear not, was just told that release candidate 2 introduces font-size management in the timeline. So when this comes out to the Marketplace, it'll have that feature on board.
  • Seriously.. The large font size in the title is one of the great details that make wp the supreme ui it is! It's also a key feature in making metro metro. Being true to that is an important part of keeping it supreme. And how many more tweets do you think would fit on screen with merely a reduced font size? Probably just a line..
    You talk about productivity? I mean, come on! It's just twitter, man! ;-p
  • In contrast, I tried out Mehdoh and HATED it.  I want meat behind my apps and Mehdoh, for me, is anemic....horribly anemic.  So, it just goes to show you that everyone has different preferences.
  • I already like it. I use Mehdoh from time to time (when I need more than just peek into the timeline, which I do on the People hub) but it has been losing speed and smoothness lately. I like this a lot. It's got it all.
  • it looks great. Hope it's not too pricey!
  • heck i hope they have a free ad-supported version!
  • This was one of my 5 favorite apps for the Palm Pre and I am so happy to see it on WP7!!!  webOS did not have lots of apps but the webOS had the best apps and I really hope that this trend of webOS apps coming to WP7 continues!
  • lol, I really like Carbon a lot too, but webOS has the best apps? You have never used iOS, have you?
    Besides Carbon and maybe some other apps there are no good apps for webOS...
  • Would be nicer if the tweeter username at the top of the tweet is in the phone theme colour instead of white, and the links and user that are mentioned in the tweet etc also have the theme colour instead of being the same colour as it look kind of dull.
  • There's nothing motivation why the higher than font requirements to subsist that large.
    Profile Covers || Love Covers || Basketball Covers
  • If the tweeter username at the funny messages pinnacle of the tweet is in the touchtone phone theme color instead of cute messages colorless.
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