Soccer Runner is an endless running game for football fans

Endless running games are starting to feel the same, but something hit the Windows Phone Store that feels a bit different. Soccer Runner introduces a football element to the usual gameplay found on Subway Surfers. Run, jump, slide, break, dodge, and score goals in this unique endless runner. Want to see some gameplay? Watch our hands-on video with the Lumia 930!

You start to play as Mark with his soccer ball. An angry man starts chasing Mark, so you've got no choice but to run as far as you can without crashing into boxes, trash bins, hurdles, trucks, and more. There are also other players on the street that want to tackle you.

Along the way, Mark faces goalkeepers. You need to swipe in the same directions as the arrows shown on the screen to score a goal. There are 20 goalkeepers to go through.

If you play Subway Surfers, a lot of things feel the same. There are power-ups and boosts like higher jumps, magnets, and flying in the air. One thing that's different is that you can kick the ball towards trash bins or boxes to clear the way.

While the main goal is to run as far as you can and collect coins, there are missions available as well to keep things challenging. Some examples include getting 200 coins in one run, sliding 20 times, or grabbing 2 super jumps. Completing these missions gives you rewards such as score multipliers.

Collecting coins is just as important as running as far as you can. These coins can be used to buy things from the shop. You can get new characters, boosts, upgrades, or skip missions. For example, a power drink that briefly makes you invincible costs 400 coins.

If you're a big fan of Subway Surfers, you can't go wrong with Soccer Runner. It's a free download, so give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Gonna try it as it seems interesting. :D 
  • Messi, Ronaldo DLC? Also, the main character looks like Ash from Pokemon.
  • Wrong, the character looks like Oliver Atom.
  • They all look the same.
  • I got the feeling of him looking more like Steve Hyuga but with Oliver's uniform.
  • It's obviously Captain Tsubasa. Edit: WindowsPhoenix beat me to it haha. Good job. :*
  • More like Oliver Atom
  • @someone2639:
    Isn't that more like Captain Tsubasa?
  • You remember this? :D hahaha me too and my first idea was this is the guy
  • @dinchy87:
    Yes, I do. Which is even more interesting considering the fact I didn't see more than one or two episodes of it.
  • I wanted Ronaldo, he looks awesome
  • Who plays subway surfer ??
  • Me. Why?
  • Funny how it's called Soccer Runner and you call it football.
  • It is football after all.
  • It's both soccer and football, but it doesn't make sense to call it football when the game has soccer in the name.
  • Doesn't matter what the app is called; the game is football.
  • Wow, some of you guys are really dense.
  • What's so dense about it?
  • Tell that to the Brits who brought the game to rest of the English-speaking world in the late 1800s and called it soccer. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. The game is Association Football, and was commonly shortened *in Britain* to "soccer" before it was later shortened to "football"
  • There's no ignorance here. The word soccer did originate in Great Britain, and it may be used as a nickname by a select few, but it's not the name of the sport. The name of the sport is football. The only reason soccer is used in the US is that you have a different sport called football, which the world calls American football.
  • You have incorrectly assumed I'm American. I'm not. Soccer (called that by the upper-crust Brits who brought it here) entered North America in the 1850s. Gridiron football (AKA, American Football, Canadian Football) wasn't formalized until 20 years later, in the 1870s. Soccer is called that places where the Brits who brought the game there called it soccer. Other forms of football had nothing to do with that. Calling Association Football simply football ignores the fact that there are older sports, such as "rugby football", with football in the title. It's actually a form of intolerant cultural imperialism to demand everyone else call it what Brits ret-conned it in the 1900s. We accept you calling it football, but you don't in return accept us calling it the term you taught us to call it. I'm Canadian, BTW. So there was some ignorance in that assumption at least. :-)
  • Tell that to the Brits who nicknamed it soccer in the late 1800s.
  • Whats the diference between Soccer and Footbal? 
  • Football is the real name of the game.
  • In reality the official name of the sport is Football Association.
  • Soccer is what the upper-crust British youth called Association Football. Later on, middle and lower-income Brits took up the game and shortened it differently, to football. Rugby's full title is rugby football, BTW, and is older. Calling Association football just football is like how Canadians call "ice hockey" simply "hockey". The game was originally Association Football, then soccer, and finally football, in popular British consciousness. Anyone who corrects someone who calls it soccer, and tells them that it should be called just football, is either ignorant, intolerant, or both. I've seen Canadians do the same thing over "ice hockey", and they're just as ignorant and/or intolerant.
  • Thank you! Finally, someone with a brain...
  • Football* Runner
  • Soccer. A term coined by upper-crust Brits, who took the game to Canada, the U.S., South Africa, Australia, and elsewhere. They taught us to call it soccer, and now you tell us we're wrong to call it that. And British developers have used "Soccer" in game titles as recently as the '90s ("Sensible Soccer", anyone)? Your cultural imperialism and revisionist history are not amusing. :-P
  • Wow, this is a new type of game! Love when developers create new type of games and not just copy and paste it and then just change name and characters and done. I wonder if I will be good at this game! it looks so original and hard.
  • Wish Gameloft fixed that damn marvel Spiderman runner. Any runner plays better than that one.
  • Hate the fact you need an internet connection to play the spidey runner. What if I have no data? And don't get me started on the data consumption! The developers let themselves down.
  • I mean battery consumption. :P
  • I've asked them many times to Fix their games they release, but nnooooh, lets update with new stuff first and leave games half baked. Making a game with no need for internet shouldn't be a difficult job for gameloft. Ridiculous.
  • Temple Football
  • Hahaha!! :D
  • Fútbol! I'm gonna give it a try just because the main character looks like Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Oozora).
  • Captain Tsubasa? Lol
  • captain maged :D
  • Looking good
  • kids enjoyed this game 
  • Looks interesting, will download soon
  • Oh great, ripping off Subway Surfers and Captain Tsubasa
  • like temple run or Sonic dash with oliver atom characters and cartoon design, it seems good   ___________________________ prix galaxy s6 galaxy note 4 prix