A streamlined feedback experience is on its way to Outlook for web this October

Microsoft Outlook vs Outlook on web
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft intends to transition the feedback entry point for Outlook for Web from the bottom of the Help pane to the Help tab of the ribbon.
  • The change is designed to enhance the discovery for users.
  • While Microsoft hasn't issued a specific date indicating when the change will be implemented, it is expected to take place in October 2023.
  • Users will be able to add screenshots and videos to their feedback to simplify the process and quick resolution of the issue. 

Feedback is a key element when it comes to leveraging any service. Through feedback, users can communicate their thoughts regarding a service, provide recommendations and improvements, and even make requests.

Microsoft is keen on ensuring that its customers can provide feedback effectively and efficiently, which is why the company has announced a neat change coming to Microsoft Outlook next month. 

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, "the feedback entry point for Outlook for Web will be moving from the bottom of the Help pane to the Help tab of the ribbon." The feature tagged 169101 will help enhance discovery for users, as spotted by OnMSFT.

A streamlined experience, diagnostics log collection and the ability to add screenshots and video make it easier and quicker for users to describe their feedback and helps Microsoft act on it. Also, users can search for information related to their feedback, including updates on features under development, workarounds for problems and how-to from Help.


Analysis: Detailed feedback for easier resolution

Communication has been a major barrier, especially when trying to explain an issue to Microsoft. The whole situation becomes more complicated when the end user doesn't have the technical knowledge to explain their challenges.

Microsoft has seemingly flagged this challenge and is working towards improving the experience for users. Being able to incorporate screenshots and video into your feedback will help save time and simultaneously allow the team responsible for handling these issues to identify them and provide fixes quickly. 

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