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What you need to know

  • Adobe Express is a content creation tool, previously known as Adobe Spark, that makes it easy to create various marketing materials or social media posts regardless of skill level. 
  • On Tuesday during Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Adobe Express for Enterprise was announced to help anyone at any business create collaborative and high-quality, on-brand content. 
  • Adobe Express for Enterprise is currently in beta and available to Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise subscribers.

For the last few years, Adobe has been working hard to create and update approachable programs that are easy to use, regardless of skill level. Adobe Express (previously known as Adobe Spark), is one such program that allows creators to produce anything from business flyers and banners to content for social media. It's approachability, regardless of skill level, is the reason that it has become so popular. Even beginners can use it to easily produce beautiful projects.

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As announced at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the software company has now introduced Adobe Express for Enterprise. This is another branch of the Adobe Express software, but specifically designed around business usage. Express for Enterprise is "a universal creative tool enabling anyone in the enterprise, at any creative skill level, to easily create, share and collaboratively review high-quality and colorful on-brand content, like multimedia assets, social posts and much more."

So what makes Adobe Express for Enterprise different from Adobe Express? This new program focuses more on collaborative workflows, allowing employees from different departments to work together and review projects while using Express for Enterprise as "a creative hub." Additionally, Express for Enterprise integrates Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a content management system (CMS) that can easily manage all of a company's assets and other content.

Adobe Express has received several updates since it launched and will soon be receiving a new mixed-media editor, generative AI capabilities through Adobe Firefly. This will allow users to create brand-new assets and imagery for their projects. 

Adobe Express for Enterprise is currently in beta and available to Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise subscribers.

Windows Central's take

Being able to create visual projects whether for marketing purposes or social media posts is important for any company. However, for many years the ability to produce quality content has only been available to people with specific design skills. With a program like Express for Enterprise, even employees with beginner design skill levels can easily find on-brand assets and templates to produce elegant content and collaborate with others. It's a win-win for any company as well as a way to make people of any skill level feel empowered. 

It's also likely that programs like this will affect professional designers and artists, but not necessarily in a negative way. It's more like Adobe Express for Enterprise will shift how things work in the design industry. Typically, businesses still need to employ artists to create fresh assets specifically for their brand. Express for Enterprise could free up designers' time by allowing more people to create content using their assets so they can move on to producing other brand-new content. 

Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise | See at Adobe

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise | See at Adobe

Business accounts for Adobe Creative Cloud can collaborate with teams across apps, and compatible programs can work across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. You can easily create the right content for your brand or business. 

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