Microsoft updates SwiftKey with AI compose mode for crafting longer texts with your friends

Bing Chat integration with SwiftKey
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What you need to know

  • SwiftKey is gaining the ability to compose messages with AI in latest update.
  • The AI is also being updated with two new tones: witty and funny.
  • Users will also be able to access Microsoft Translator directly from their keyboard.

SwiftKey for Android and iOS is being updated with support for composing messages using AI, extending the capabilities of SwiftKey's already integrated Bing Chat AI. Now, users will be able to draft longer texts using AI by providing more parameters, such as tone, context, format, and length.

Until now, the AI capabilities within SwiftKey were limited to the Bing Chat experience, most useful when browsing the web, but now you'll be able to use Bing's compose features directly within the SwiftKey keyboard experience, making replying to messages in WhatsApp or Teams a breeze. 

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For example, you can ask SwiftKey to reply to craft a message that includes "congratulating someone on a promotion and arranging to get together soon, in a casual tone" now that sentence alone isn't something you can send, but punch it into SwiftKey's AI compose mode, and it'll generate an actual sentence or two that you can send:

"Hey, congrats on your promotion! You totally deserve it. I'm so happy for you. Let's celebrate soon, okay? How about next weekend? We can go to that new place you've been wanting to try. Let me know what you think. Cheers!" - generated by Bing's AI compose mode.

Microsoft is bringing AI to many of its products since Bing Chat first launched 100 days ago. In fact, the company just announced more AI features for Edge mobile and the mobile Bing app, including a new Bing widget with AI built in and the ability for Bing Chat to analyze webpages within the Edge mobile client.

SwiftKey Beta | Free at Google Play

SwiftKey Beta | Free at Google Play

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards for Android phones. Microsoft is currently testing an integration between Bing Chat and SwiftKey that places the power of AI at your fingertips.

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  • xenred
    This is exciting! Though can't use this on Galaxy Fold since Swiftkey still lacks a proper support for multiple modes for foldables. You only have one layout which will only work better for either the cover screen or larger folding screen. Gbpard already support this so it's not a 3rd-party limitation. Alas since they have prepared for Pixel Fold. But if leak is true for foldable Surface Duo, they should be already realising that support early it especially to iron bugs before release.