Bing Chat AI in Edge for Android and iOS can now see what webpages you're looking at

Bing Chat AI in Edge for Android
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is bringing Bing Chat's contextual chat capabilities to Edge mobile today.
  • Users on iOS and Android will now be able to use Bing Chat in Edge to summarize webpages and ask it questions about the content you're viewing.
  • Additionally, Microsoft is adding the ability to quick ask Bing Chat about words or sentences by simply highlighting the text in question within Edge mobile.

Microsoft is releasing a big update to the Edge mobile apps for Android and iOS today that introduces contextual capabilities withing Bing Chat on the mobile client. Up until now, Bing Chat within Edge mobile has only been able to deal with information directly presented to it, it wasn't able to analyze the webpage you were currently viewing.

But now, just like Edge on desktop, the Edge mobile app can view the contents of a webpage you're currently looking at and assist you with contextual questions and answers. For example, if you're looking at a recipe on a website, you'll now be able to ask Bing Chat how many eggs this recipe says to use, and Bing Chat will read the page and tell you.

Bing Chat in Edge (Image credit: Microsoft)

Additionally, Microsoft is adding "selected text actions" to the Edge mobile client too, which provide quick context for any text the user highlights. This is useful if you don't know what a word of phrase means, as highlighting it will initiate Bing Chat to find the answer for you.

Microsoft has been on an AI craze since it first launched Bing Chat just 100 days ago. Today, it's even announcing more AI features in other apps, including improvements to the AI capabilities in SwiftKey, along with a brand-new Bing widget for iOS and Android that makes launching into the AI feature a single tap away.

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