You can now snag the privacy-focused Vivaldi browser through the Microsoft Store

Vivaldi web browser
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What you need to know

  • Vivaldi browser is now available through the Microsoft Store.
  • Several elements of Vivaldi center around privacy, such as the makers of the browser not tracking your data.
  • Vivaldi has quite a few features that will be familiar to Edge users, including a Sidebar, workspaces, and a split-tab view.
  • The version of Vivaldi that is available through the Microsoft Store is the same as the version available through Vivaldi's website.

Vivaldi can now be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. The browser has been available on Windows and Android for quite some time, but there's now another way to get it on your PC. The company announced Vivaldi's launch to the Microsoft Store today on Twitter.

As a Chromium-based browser, Vivaldi is compatible with most of the web. It also works with Chrome extensions, which is a big boost to functionality. Unlike many browsers, Vivaldi is built around privacy. The company emphasizes the fact that it does not want your data several times on its website.

"Reduce your use of third party apps. Use native tools that are secure, reliable and never, ever, collect, share or sell your data. (We can’t even access it.)" states Vivaldi.

The browser also supports several forms of customization and has quite a few built-in tools.

Those used to Microsoft Edge will recognize many of Vivaldi's features, though they go by different names. But the Vivaldi faithful will point out that features like tab stacks, tab tiling, and web panels were available on Vivaldi before Edge.

Here are the features highlighted by the Vivaldi listing on the Microsoft Store:

  • Workspaces: Organize and group tabs like never before.
  • Tab Stacks including Two-level Tab Stacks: Group and manage tons of tabs.
  • Tab Tiling: View multiple tabs in split-screen.
  • Chrome extensions: Import your favorite extensions.
  • Tracker and Ad blocker: Keep trackers and ads away from stalking you.
  • Web Panels: Open sites in split-screen with the main browser window.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures: Create your own, for custom navigation.
  • Custom Search Engines: Add/edit and manage your preferred search engines.
  • Vivaldi Capture: Take screenshots, even a full page.
  • Vivaldi Mail: Organize all your emails across accounts in the email client.
  • Vivaldi Calendar: Organize your schedules with flexible views and minimum clicks.
  • Vivaldi Feed Reader: Get news feeds based on your choice.
  • Vivaldi Translate: Translate snippets or full pages automatically (powered by Lingvanex).
  • Notes: Jot down ideas and inspiration in the sidebar.
  • Themes: Create a unique look and feel for your browser and share it with friends.
  • History: Explore your browsing patterns, backed by statistics and visual clues.
  • Encrypted Sync: Synchronize browsing data across devices through Vivaldi servers.
  • Vivaldi Social: your new way of social media networking.

As far as I can tell, the version of Vivaldi that's available through the Microsoft Store is identical to the one you'd download through the Vivaldi website. The only difference appears to be how you download it.


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Vivaldi | Free through Microsoft Store

This browser has several privacy-focused features and does not track your data the same as many other browsers. Now, you can download it through the Microsoft Store.

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